Why average rent for a Tokyo apartment will likely keep increasing

The average rent for an apartment in the Tokyo 23 Wards hit a new peak in October. Renters in the 23 Wards paid an average of ¥3,716 per square meter, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. This means, for example, that... More


Average Rent in Tokyo – The Least Expensive Stations on the Yamanote Line – 2019

In this installment of our series on “what is the average rent in Tokyo” we zoom in on the least expensive stations on the Yamanote line. The Yamanote, which has 29 stations, is the iconic loop line that goes around... More


Average Rent in Tokyo – The Most Expensive Stations on the Yamanote Line – 2019

Tokyo is a big city with thousands of neighborhoods, so it can be misleading to give a city-wide average in answer to the question of “What is the average rent in Tokyo?” Across the Tokyo 23 Wards, the average rent... More


Top 10 Stations in Tokyo With Lowest Average Rent 2017

To save money on rent in Tokyo, one of the tips you’ll often hear is to move outside the Yamanote line or even further out, beyond the 23 wards. It’s true that average rent does decrease the further you look outside... More


Average Rent in Tokyo Compared to Other World Cities

The average rent per square meter for an apartment in Tokyo’s 23 wards in November was 3,306 yen (about $2.54 per square feet), the 35th consecutive month of year-on-year increases, based on Real Estate Japan’s analysis of data recently released... More


What is the average rent in Tokyo by Ward?

We recently posted an article with data showing that the average rent in Tokyo’s 23 wards is at the highest point since the global financial crisis. But as the saying goes, location is (almost!) everything in real estate. Depending on... More


Average Rent in Tokyo at Highest Point Since Global Financial Crisis

In August, the average rent per square meter for a condominium in metropolitan Tokyo and Tokyo’s 23 wards reached 3,177 yen/sqm and 3,314 yen/sqm, respectively, the highest points since the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC), based on Real Estate Japan’s... More


What is the average rent in Tokyo?

The Real Estate Information Network System (REINS) for Eastern Japan recently released its quarterly report on average residential rent in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures, for January to March 2015. REINS data is compiled from its member real estate agents,... More


What is the average sales price of an apartment in Osaka?

The average sales price of a new apartment sold in the Kansai region, which includes the city of Osaka, as of November 2019 was ¥35,320,000 (about $325,000). The average price per square meter was ¥628,000 (about $5,779), or about $536 per square... More


Top 20 Places to Live in Tokyo: 2019 Ranking of Most Popular Searches – Part 2

In this post, we present the Top 9 most popular places to live in Tokyo, based on rental properties and stations people searched for and viewed on Real Estate Japan in 2019. All of us at Real Estate Japan are sincerely grateful to... More


Top 20 Places to Live in Tokyo: 2019 Ranking of Most Popular Searches – Part 1

People from around the world come to live, work, and play in Tokyo. If you’re coming to Tokyo to live, you have a choice of 882 railway stations (including 282 subway stations) to choose from for your home base. In... More


Tokyo Condominium Market Forecast 2020: Where are supply and sale prices headed?

The Real Estate Economic Institute (REEI) has released a cautiously optimistic 2020 forecast for supply and price trends in the new condominium market for the greater Tokyo area, which includes Tokyo and the prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama. Below... More

Area Guide

Tokyo Bay Area Guide

The Tokyo Bay Area offers great views of Tokyo across the waters of the bay. Luxury apartments in the area are an attractive option for families looking for clean, family-friendly neighborhoods, while nearby shopping centers add convenience and livability to the area.


Demand Soars for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village Apartments to be Repurposed as Private Condominiums

It will be months before the 2020 Summer Olympic Games are due to bring intense international focus on Tokyo, but buyers interested in purchasing apartments in the Athletes Village aren’t waiting. HARUMI FLAG The buildings that will be used to... More


What is the average salary in Tokyo?

In this article, we give an overview of the average salary in Tokyo. What is the average salary in Tokyo? The average annual salary in Tokyo for a full-time employee is ¥5,507,040 ($50,655). This works out to a monthly average of... More


Why Buy in Tokyo Bay: The Potential in Tokyo’s Newest Prime Residential Real Estate Area

A brand new seminar on the potential of the Tokyo Bay area and why serious buyers should consider looking at condominium developments here. We will also be presenting apartments for sale in the soon-to-be-completed PREMIST Ariake Gardens development.


JR East May Implement Planned Suspension of Trains this Weekend in Tokyo Due to Super Typhoon Hagibis

JR East may implement planned suspension of trains in the Tokyo metropolitan region on October 12th and/or 13th if the current typhoon forecast holds. Typhoon 19 (Super Typhoon Hagibis) is forecast to slam into Tokyo and Yokohama, bringing extremely heavy wind... More


Average Price of a Pre-Owned Apartment in Tokyo Hits a New High

In the first seven months of 2019, the average listing price of a pre-owned apartment in Tokyo hit a new all-time high at ¥50,270,000 ($465,600), a year-on-year increase of 2.5%. This is according to a recent report released by Tokyo... More


Osaka and Tokyo Named Among Top 10 Most Livable Cities in the World by EIU

In its 2019 “Global Liveability Index“, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has named Osaka 4th and Tokyo 7th in its ranking of the world’s 140 most livable cities. The Index examines over 30 different factors across five categories: stability, healthcare, culture... More


What does a spacious custom-built house look like in Japan? Here are some examples currently on the market

In this installment of the spacious homes in Japan series, we take a look at gorgeous custom-built homes currently on the market around the country. What is considered a “spacious” home in Japan? An average family-style apartment in Japan’s big cities generally... More