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Tokyo Hidden Gems: Affordable and Livable Fuchu City in West Tokyo

It can be easy to focus on the 23 wards of Tokyo when searching for an apartment or home in Tokyo. The allure of living close to downtown Tokyo is a very powerful force. But, downtown living isn’t the perfect... More


Tokyo Hidden Gems: Modern Apartment Living Near Traditional Shopping Streets of Nakanobu

Welcome back to another installment in the Tokyo Hidden Gem series! In these articles, we take a closer look at interesting apartments in the under-the-radar neighborhoods of Tokyo. On deck today is a pretty intriguing combination: a 1LDK apartment for... More


Tokyo Hidden Gems: Easy Access to Downtown Tokyo from This Spacious Iwamotocho Apartment

There are many factors to consider when searching for an apartment in Tokyo. Apartment size, monthly rent, key money/deposit fees, transportation access are just a few! In our Hidden Gems series we feature great apartments in out-of-the-way neighborhoods that might... More


Tokyo Hidden Gems: Student-Friendly Apartment in the College Town of Yushima

In today’s installment of Tokyo Hidden Gems, we take a look at a studio apartment for rent in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. This ward is where you’ll find popular destinations like Tokyo Dome City (an urban amusement park complete with roller... More


Tokyo Hidden Gems: Traditional Meets Modern at a Short Term Apartment Rental in Iriya

The cityscape of Tokyo is vast and diverse: from the ultra-modern, ultra-stylish neighborhoods around Shibuya to the old-school, timeless neighborhoods of Asakusa. If you’re planning a vacation or even an extended stay in Tokyo it’s a good idea to get... More


Tokyo Hidden Gems: The Joys of a Short Term Apartment Rental in Monzen Nakacho

In the first of our series on Tokyo Hidden Gems, we’ll be taking a closer look at examples of apartments in unique, interesting, or relatively unknown neighborhoods. Featured today is the traditional neighborhood of Monzen Nakacho in Koto Ward, Tokyo!... More