Housing Discrimination Against Foreigners in Japan: Ministry of Justice Survey

In recognition of discrimination faced in daily life by the growing number of foreign residents in Japan, at the end of 2016,  the Ministry of Justice commissioned the first ever nationwide survey on housing, employment, and other forms of discrimination... More


Have you ever experienced discrimination as a foreigner living in Japan? — Survey Results

Have you ever felt discriminated against as a foreigner living in Japan? This is a question that certainly affects your quality of life and well-being in here. It’s also a major policy concern for Japan, as the country liberalizes its... More


Looking for an Apartment Tokyo: Top 11 Things First-Time Apartment Renters Regret Not Asking

Finding your ideal apartment in Tokyo is no easy task. First is the language barrier. Most real estate agents in Japan do not speak English and housing discrimination against foreigners does exist. Even if you work with a bilingual real... More


What’s the hardest thing about living in Japan as a foreigner?

There are a lot of awesome things about living in Japan as a foreigner. If you’re reading this in country as a resident foreigner, we’re sure you have your own Top 10 list! But there’s a flip side, too. When... More


How to Rent an Apartment in Japan from Overseas

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to rent an apartment in Japan from overseas, before you even land here. First, let’s deal with the question of why many agents in Japan do not answer emails or inquiries from outside the... More


How the Japanese Government is Trying to Convince More Landlords to Rent to Foreigners

If you have ever tried to rent an apartment in Japan as a foreigner and have been rejected because of your nationality, you may be surprised to learn that Japanese landlords face serious, long-term headwinds with respect to renting out... More


Top 5 Reasons Rental Applications Are Rejected by Landlords in Japan

In this article, we discuss the main reasons why landlords in Japan reject applications from potential tenants. And how you can improve your chances of getting the apartment you want. #1 If you’re a foreigner….housing discrimination Let’s deal with this... More


What would make your life easier in Japan? Take the survey and let us know!

How easy is it living in Japan as a foreigner? In 2006, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs requested that local authorities take active steps to set up support services or foreign residents, as the number of foreign residents was already... More


Finding Renters for Your Tokyo Investment Property

By Erik Oskamp In this article, Erik Oskamp, founder and president of Akasaka Real Estate, offers practical advice and tips on finding renters for your investment property, including what types of apartments to avoid, how to set asking rent, and... More


Why is it so hard to rent an apartment in Japan?

The process of renting an apartment in Japan is like running a marathon while doing your taxes in a foreign language, and hoping throughout the race that the judges don’t disqualify you for having worn the wrong color socks. Apologies for... More