Hatsudai Area Guide

Hatsudai is a neighborhood just one stop away from the massive urban center of Shinjuku. This gives residents great transportation convenience, and the slight distance away from the crowds of downtown Shinjuku make the neighborhood very livable. Tokyo Opera City is a huge shopping and dining complex near the station which also boasts views of Tokyo from 53 stories up!



Just one stop away from Shinjuku Station, Hatsudai is a very conveniently located neighborhood just outside of the crowded downtown streets. The neighborhood has a fashionable and trendy vibe, which attracts apartment seekers who have an affinity for the lights and excitement around Shinjuku. But, the neighborhood is also very livable in terms of shopping convenience and slightly calmer atmosphere (compared to nearby downtown Shinjuku).

Key Stats

Average Rent in Hatsudai

Apartment Type Average Rent ($1 = ¥110)
1R 1K ¥104,400/month ($950)
1LDK 2K 2DK ¥172,100/month ($1,560)
2LDK 3K 3DK ¥265,900/month ($2,420)

Apartments For Rent in Hatsudai

Train Lines

JR/Subway/Other Line
Keio Keio Line


Transportation to…  Line Time
Shinjuku Keio Line, direct 3 min
Shibuya Keio Line (Shinjuku), transfer to Yamanote 17 min
Tokyo Keio Line (Shinjuku), transfer to Chuo 25 min
Shinagawa Keio Line (Shinjuku), transfer to Yamanote 31 min
Roppongi Keio Line (Shinjuku), transfer to Oedo 18 min
Yokohama, Kanagawa Keio Line (Shinjuku), transfer to Shonan-Shinjuku 51 min


Right next to Hatsudai Station is the New National Theatre Tokyo, a stunningly beautiful modern theatre for performing arts. This theatre is found north of Hatsudai Station, and a 15-minute walk south will bring you to the edge of Yoyogi Park. This location, with access to the arts, downtown Shinjuku, and the open space in Yoyogi Park, creates a welcoming and desirable neighborhood for both families and single apartment hunters.

Connected to the New National Theatre Tokyo is Tokyo Opera City, a towering shopping mall and office building. At the 53rd floor there are restaurants that command grand views over the Tokyo skyline. It’s a huge convenience to have this shopping complex in the neighborhood, since you’ll also find convenience stores and a post office in the basement.

Hatsudai Apartments

Apartments for rent near Hatsudai Station:

Hatsudai has a lot to offer for both single apartment seekers and families. The convenience of Tokyo Opera City, space in Yoyogi Park, and easy access to Shinjuku, mean rent in Hatsudai can be slightly on the more expensive side compared to other neighborhoods in Tokyo. Browse our site and sort by price to find an apartment in the area at your budget! For example, 1LDK apartments in Hatsudai start at ¥110,000 per month!

Apartments For Rent in Hatsudai

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Lead photo: Guilhem Vellut via Flickr

Dive Deeper

Near Hatsudai is the neighborhood of Yoyogi, which is home to Meiji Shrine. Similar to Hatsudai, the residential areas of the Yoyogi neighborhood also enjoy an upscale, highly livable reputation. Photo: iStock stock photography

  • Yoyogi is a central Tokyo neighborhood which borders Shinjuku Station to the south and Shibuya Ward to the north. It is most well known for being home to Yoyogi Park and the National Stadium. It was the main venue for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and will also be the main hub for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Yoyogi also enjoys an enduring location as a high-end, family-friendly residential area that straddles the suburban residential neighborhoods of western and central Tokyo. Read the in-depth guide to Yoyogi here!