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Kuramae is located at the very eastern edge of Taito Ward. The Sumida River forms a natural border between Taito Ward and Koto Ward, two traditional shitamachi (lit. “lower city,” Japanese word used to identify historically working class sections of Tokyo) areas of Tokyo. Kuramae is located in close proximity to famous and popular destinations such as Asakusa, Ueno, and Akihabara. Residents can enjoy a livable neighborhood that is a quick train (or bicycle) ride away from various Tokyo sights!

Kuramae got its name from the many rice granaries here that supplied the capital with its staple food in the Edo-era. More recently, Kuramae has seen an influx of young designers and creatives, drawn to low cost-of-living and the neighborhood’s historic association with craftspeople. The neighborhood is also becoming an up-and-coming foodie destination. Worth mentioning are the numerous artisan coffee shops, including Sol’s Coffee Stand, Coffee Wrights, and the bean-to-bar chocolatier and cafe Dandelion Chocolate (pictured in the lead photo).

This is a great neighborhood to live in if you love exploring and frequenting local shops and restaurants on your day off!

Key Stats

Average Rent in Kuramae

Apartment Type Average Rent ($1 = ¥110)
1R 1K ¥105,100/month ($960)
1LDK 2K 2DK ¥155,400/month ($1,410)
2LDK 3K 3DK ¥203,600/month ($1,850)

Apartments For Rent in Kuramae

Train Lines

JR/Subway/Other Line
Toei  Asakusa
Toei  Oedo


Transportation to…  Line Time
Shinjuku Oedo (Morishita), transfer to Shinjuku 22 min
Shibuya Asakusa (Nihombashi), transfer to Ginza 34 min
Tokyo Oedo (Ueno-Okachimachi), transfer to Yamanote via Okachimachi Station 15 min
Shinagawa Asakusa (Sengakuji), train continues on Keikyu Main Line 21 min
Roppongi Oedo, direct 26 min
Yokohama, Kanagawa Asakusa (Sengakuji), train continues on Keikyu Main Line 39 min


Kuramae offers apartment seekers a calmer slice of Taito Ward without having to sacrifice livability. The nearby stations (Ueno, Akihabara, Asakusa, etc.) will definitely attract a fair share of visitors, but there are noticeably fewer visitors crowding the streets of Kuramae. This makes for an overall balanced environment that residents say is very convenient and non-stressful.

Local shopping is great here, particularly at the various shotengai (shopping street) in Taito Ward. From Kuramae you are practically equidistant to Ameyoko (Ueno), Nakamise Orange Street (Asakusa), Kappabashi Kitchen Town (Tawaramachi), and Denkigai Electric Street (Akihabara)! Even if you aren’t looking to purchase anything in particular, these streets are great for walking through on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Kuramae Apartments

Apartments for rent near Kuramae Station:

Kuramae might not be the most recognizable neighborhood in Taito Ward, but it definitely holds its own when it comes to livability. It’s possible to find studio apartments at a value near Kuramae, for example on our site 1R apartments in Kuramae start at approximately ¥55,000 per month! Combine this with the easy shopping in the area and you might just find an apartment in Tokyo that meets all your needs!

Apartments For Rent in Kuramae

Where should you live in Tokyo? Check out our Japan Area Guides to find the perfect place!

Dive Deeper

Asakusa is just north of Kuramae and is a major tourist destination in Tokyo thanks to its streets brimming with history and traditional Tokyo culture. Photo: Justin C. via Flickr

  • Asakusa is a history-rich neighborhood in the eastern part of Tokyo’s 23 wards. An entertainment district in the Edo period, Asakusa retains much of the traditional look and feel of old Tokyo. Livability is high thanks to plenty of shops in the area. It is also near the major transportation hub of Ueno. However, flocks of visitor to Sensoji Temple might make it hard to find peace and quiet. Read the in-depth guide to Asakusa here!

Lead photo: Dandelion Chocolate shop via Earth Garden

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