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Meguro is a predominantly residential ward, bordering Shibuya Ward to the south and located just west of the six central wards of Tokyo. It is known for its high-end residential neighborhoods, including Aobadai, Himonya, Takaban, and Kakinokizaka; and fashionable shopping areas such as Jiyugaoka and Naka Meguro. Meguro is a popular residential choice for foreigners living in Tokyo due to its relaxed living environment, abundant green spaces, and convenient location near Shibuya, DaikanyamaEbisu, and Roppongi.

Meguro is famous for the lovely sakura trees planted along the Meguro River and the riverwalk is crowded with cherry blossom tourists during the annual hanami season. The Meguro River area is also a popular, upscale residential neighborhood. There are numerous options here for foreign residents looking for expat-friendly housing. The MFPR Meguro Tower, for example, is a landmark 25-story, high-end condominium building, standing alongside the Meguro River. There are also many mid- and low-rise apartment buildings along the river that cater to expat-style living.

Meguro is also home to over a dozen foreign embassies and major universities, including the Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Okayama.


Meguro quick facts

  • Population: 279,342 (as of January 1, 2019)
  • Area: 14.67 km²
  • Density: 19,042 (/km²)
  • Population of foreign residents: 9,102 (3.3% of total population of Meguro)
  • About 2.0% of the total resident foreigner population of the Tokyo 23 Wards lives in Meguro.

Major Train Stations

Station Lines
Meguro  JR Yamanote Line
 Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
 Toei Mita Line
 Tokyu Meguro Line
Jiyugaoka  Tokyu Toyoko Line
 Tokyu Oimachi Line

*Meguro Station is technically located in Shinagawa Ward. It’s right on the edge of the boundary between the wards.

Main residential neighborhoods

Meguro ranks high for

  • Excellent location just west of the city center, with abundant green spaces and relaxed residential living.
  • Relaxed river-side living along the Meguro River
  • High-end residential neighborhoods.
  • Fashionable shopping and dining areas: Jiyugaoka and Naka Meguro
  • Family-friendly living.

Who lives in Meguro Ward?

  • Affluent expats and their families.
  • Young urban professionals.
  • Anyone who enjoys having small, excellent restaurants and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) right in their neighborhood.
  • Canines and their human companions are also known to rate Meguro highly for its many walking and running paths.

Popular housing searches in Meguro Ward

Location and highlights

Meguro offers an excellent balance of central location and laid back living, with many neighborhood parks, in addition to the charms of the Meguro River in the northern part of the ward.

Parks in Meguro include:

  • Komaba Park – A small, elegant park that was the former estate of a powerful samurai family
  • Komazawa Olympic Park – A sports facility constructed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Most of this park actually lies in Setagaya Ward
  • Meguro Sky Garden – An amazing roof garden constructed on a sloping roof that rises 15- to 35-meters above street level. It covers the intersection of two major expressways.
  • Nakameguro Park and Nature Center
  • Himonya Park – A lovely neighborhood park with a small lake and a free petting zoo for the kids!

The various Tokyu lines that run through Meguro Ward offer residents convenient, direct access to major stations from central Tokyo to Yokohama, in addition to heading west through Setagaya and Suginami, and the western Tokyo suburbs. For example, the Tokyu Toyoko line has terminal stations at Shibuya and Yokohama, with numerous stops in Meguro ward, including Daikanyama, Naka Meguro, Yutenji, and Jiyugaoka. The Keio Inokashira line runs east-west through Meguro Ward, with a terminus at Shibuya. This line has a stop at Komaba-Todaimae, which is the closest station to the Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo. It continues westward through Setagaya and Suginami wards and terminates at the popular residential area of Kichijoji.

Apartments for Rent in Meguro Ward

Properties for Sale in Meguro Ward

Lead photo: Hanami at Meguro River (2013), Dick Thomas Johnson via Flickr

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