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Nishi-Nippori is a neighborhood in Arakawa Ward, and the station offers a surprising number of train/subway lines for increased transportation convenience. This neighborhood has a very traditional Tokyo feel, and tends to fly under the radar of many apartment seekers looking to rent in Tokyo.



Nishi-Nippori is a neighborhood in Arakawa Ward, one of the predominant shitamachi (lit. “lower city,” name given to areas of Tokyo that have roots as working class neighborhoods which retain a strong traditional Tokyo look and feel) areas of the city. Nishi-Nippori is rife with down-to-earth, traditional Tokyo charm, providing residents with many local shops for daily necessities.

Local Tokyoites will probably associate Nishi-Nippori with Kaisei Academy (開成学園), an elite prep school for boys. Located just next to Nishi-Nippori is the Yanaka Ginza traditional shopping street, which attracts local and international tourists with its quaint mom and pop cafes and shops.

Key Stats

Average Rent in Nishi-Nippori

Apartment Type Average Rent ($1 = ¥110)
1R 1K ¥82,400/month ($750)
1LDK 2K 2DK ¥149,400/month ($1,360)
2LDK 3K 3DK ¥164,700/month ($1,500)

Apartments For Rent in Nishi-Nippori

Train Lines

JR/Subway/Other Line
JR  Yamanote
JR  Keihin-Tohoku
Subway  Chiyoda
Toei  Nippori-Toneri Liner


Transportation to…  Line Time
Shinjuku Yamanote, direct 20 min
Shibuya Yamanote, direct 27 min
Tokyo Yamanote, direct 14 min
Toneri Koen Nippori-Toneri Liner, direct 14 min
Shinagawa Yamanote, direct 27 min
Roppongi Chiyoda (Kasumigaseki), transfer to Hibiya 23 min
Yokohama, Kanagawa Yamanote (Tokyo), transfer to Tokaido 44 min


Nishi-Nippori Station offers passengers with a good variety of lines for getting around Tokyo. The ever-convenient Yamanote Line is the highlight, but it’s a fantastic bonus to have the Chiyoda subway line also at your doorstep. The Keihin-Tohoku Line can be used for heading to Saitama Super Arena for sports or music events. And the Nippori-Toneri Liner brings riders to Toneri Park.

One very unique aspect to Nishi-Nippori is the fact that it is home to one of Tokyo’s oldest Korean neighborhoods, Mikawashima. You can find Korean markets in the streets around Mikawashima that carry kimchi and other Korean produce at very affordable prices.

Those considering a move to Nishi-Nippori should take heed that the immediate surroundings of the station lack a large grocery store. It’s convenient to grab ingredients for dinner on the way home (or even a pre-made meal) at the supermarket nearest the station, but you’ll have to plan around this if Nishi-Nippori is your closest station. There are still supermarkets around the neighborhood, but it might be a bit of a detour to get to one when heading home straight from the station. Keep this in mind and look up nearest grocery stores if you’re interested in apartments in Nishi-Nippori.

Here’s a quick look at a shitamachi (lit. “lower city” – term used to describe traditional working-class neighborhoods of Tokyo) neighborhood near Nishi-Nippori.

Nishi-Nippori Apartments

Apartments for rent near Nishi-Nippori Station:

Nishi-Nippori is a great example of a neighborhood that is a little bit under-the-radar for most Tokyo apartment hunters, but still offers a balance of quick transportation options and affordable rent. Head over to our site and you can find 1K apartments in the area starting at around ¥65,000 per month.

Apartments For Rent in Nishi-Nippori

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The Sumida River forms a natural border for Arakawa Ward. The streets following the river are great for residents to enjoy a walk or bicycle ride. Photo: iStockphoto stock photography
  • Arakawa Ward is where you’ll find many neighborhoods that still maintain the traditional city feel of Tokyo from the postwar era, providing residents with a calmer side of Tokyo that seems to move a bit slower than the busy downtown districts. Read the in-depth guide to Arakawa Ward here!
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