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Ōokayama Station Area: Tokyo Neighborhood Guide

Ōokayama (大岡山) Station in Ota Ward, Tokyo is a relaxed and student-friendly neighborhood. Near the station is the area's most famous landmark, The Tokyo Institute of Technology. Not to be confused with Okayama Station in Okayama Prefecture.


Closest station to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, student-friendly vibe, easy access to Shibuya and Jiyugaoka. Great shopping and budget restaurants near the station. Relax at nearby Senzoku Ike Park.
Tōkyū Ōimachi and Tōkyū Meguro Lines
From Ōokayama Station:
-- 8-min direct to Meguro
-- 17-min to Shibuya
-- 27-min to Shinjuku

Ōokayama station is known primarily as the closest stop to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a national research university and the largest institution for higher education in Japan dedicated to science and technology. The main campus, with its beautiful cherry tree-lined promenade, pictured in the lead photo, is located about a one-minute walk from the station.

Even if you’re not a student, there’s a lot to like about this relaxed and conveniently located corner of Tokyo.

Ōokayama Station Area and Orientation

The station is located in Ota Ward, Tokyo, on both the Tōkyū Ōimachi and Tōkyū Meguro lines.

It’s in a great location between the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, just a 17-min train ride away and the elegant environs of Jiyugaoka,  just two stops away on the Tōkyū Ōimachi line.

The Stunningly Designed Ōokayama Station Building

The first thing to know about Ōokayama station is the distinctively designed station building itself.

Ōokayama Station shares a beautifully designed and eco-friendly building with the Tokyu Hospital, which may be the only hospital in the world to be built on top of a train station. The hospital is located at the opposite side of the station to the main entrance. It’s worth the short walk around the block to admire the plant and vine-covered facade!

Near the Station

When you exit from the main gate of the station, you’ll be greeted by a small intersection and the bold geometric roofline of the Tokyo Tech Museum and Archives.

The Tokyo Tech Museum and Archives building is located just outside the main gate of Ōokayama Station.

Supermarkets and Shops

There is a Lawson’s convenience store about a 2-minute walk from the station. It’s on the right, as you exit from the main gate.

There are also two supermarkets near the station. The Hiruma Market Place is a local upmarket chain that sells excellent fresh produce, meat, fish, and sundries. The Tokyu Store Ookayama, a large chain supermarket with a wide selection of fresh foods, sundries, and household goods is in front of the station in the direction of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The Tokyu Store is open from 8AM to 1AM so it’s a great place to get your shopping done after work or school.

As is true with many Japanese supermarkets, at the Tokyu Store you can get great bargains on fried foods, bento (box lunches), and other ready-to-eat foods in the evening when the store has to clear perishable inventory. Image: Townphoto.net


In the station building is a branch of the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ and a branch of Mizuho Bank near the station, near the MacDonald’s.

Budget-Friendly Restaurants

There are dozens of budget-friendly restaurants and coffee shops near the station from MacDonald’s to ramen shops to a branch of Saizereya (a discount chain offering a Japanese-take on Italian fare) and ethnic restaurants.

Some top recommendations from locals include:

Itokito (イトキト): For breads and sandwiches. Located north of the station at 1-54-10 Kitasenzoku on the first floor of the Sano Building.

Shuhaitaikou (酒盃 たいこう): Traditional Japanese foods and izakaya (Japanese-style pub). 1-44-5 Kitasenzoku. On the second floor of the building. About a 3-minute walk, just north of the station.

Menyakokoro (麺屋こころ): For Taiwanese-style mixed noodles and ramen. 3-6-9 Minamisenzoku, near the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Menya Kokoro Ōokayama Store, a popular place to grab a bowl of Taiwanese-style mixed noodles, near the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Photo: Tabelogo

Senzoku Ike Park

Senzoku Ike Park is a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy the lake anytime of the year, but it’s especially beautiful in the spring when the cherry blossoms make their appearance. The park is about a 13-min walk south of the station.

Senzokuike Park, Ota Ward, Tokyo. Photo: Wikimedia

This area of Tokyo and the park itself is named after the famous Buddhist priest Nichiren Shonin, who washed his feet here on his way to Ikegami Temple. Senzoku (洗足) literally means “washing your feet”.

Average Rent Near Ōokayama Station

The average rent for an apartment near Ōokayama Station (Source: LIFULL HOME’S, September 2017) is:

  • Studio (1R, 1K, 1DK):  ¥85,300 ($772 @ 110 JPY = 1 USD)
  • 1BR to 2BR (1LDK, 2K, 2DK): ¥122,600 ($1108)
  • 2BR to 3BR (2LDK, 3K, 3DK):  ¥172,400 ($1559)
  • 3BR to 4BR (3LDK, 4K, 4DK):  ¥202,400 ($1830)

You can definitely find apartments for lower than the average rent levels mentioned above. On Real Estate Japan, listings for studio (1K and 1R) apartments start from around ¥63,000 ($571).

Apartment Listings Near Ōokayama Station

Currently, apartment listings near Ookayama Station in Real Estate Japan’s database start from about ¥63,000 ($571) for a studio apartment Please click on the photo for all the listings currently available.

How to Get to Ōokayama Station from Narita and Haneda

For directions from Narita and Haneda Airports to Ōokayama Station, please use the pre-set links below to be taken to Google Maps.

From Narita Airport to Ōokayama Station on Google Maps

From Haneda Airport to Ōokayama Station on Google Maps

Photo Credit:Yasuda Atelier Architects

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