Yurakucho Area Guide

Yurakucho is a business district in the heart of central Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward. Large office buildings here are home to many company headquarters, and the common clientele in the district reflects this business-like, busy city-center environment. There aren't many areas zoned for residential use here, but Yurakucho plays a major role in the business world so having an idea of what to expect in the neighborhood is beneficial to those moving to Japan.



Yurakucho is a business district nestled in the heart of Chiyoda Ward. It shouldn’t be any surprise that this is an upscale, stylish urban commerce center when you consider its proximity to Tokyo Station, Ginza, and Shimbashi. Truth be told, very little of the land in the area is zoned for residential use. Instead, you’ll find many company headquarters in high-rise complexes. Companies like Dai-ichi Life (third largest life insurance company in Japan), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Company, and Japan Steel Works have their headquarters located here in the center of downtown Tokyo.

Key Stats

Average Rent in Yurakucho

Apartment Type Average Rent ($1 = ¥110)
1R 1K ¥123,500/month ($1,120)
1LDK 2K 2DK ¥191,500/month ($1,740)
2LDK 3K 3DK ¥240,000/month ($2,180)

Apartments For Rent in Yurakucho

Train Lines

JR/Subway/Other Line
JR East  Yamanote
JR East  Keihin-Tohoku
Tokyo Metro  Yurakucho


Transportation to…  Line Time
Shinjuku Yamanote, direct 30 min
Shibuya Yamanote, direct 23 min
Tokyo Yamanote, direct 2 min
Iidabashi Yurakucho, direct 9 min
Shinagawa Yamanote, direct 11 min
Roppongi (6 min walk to Hibiya Station) Hibiya, direct 7 min
Yokohama, Kanagawa Yamanote (Shimbashi), transfer to Tokaido 27 min


With the lack of actual apartments and housing in the area it’s tough to comment on the actual livability of the area. It’s true that there are tons of shopping and dining options in the area, which combined with the central location with great transportation access, makes for an extremely convenient location. With the concentration of business matters being attended to in the area, there’s no shortage of restaurants and bars to wine and dine clients in. Also, you’ll find some charming old-school izakayas underneath the train tracks where salarymen congregate after hours.

As stated above, Yurakucho is a busy commercial district with almost no end to the high-rise buildings. Tokyo International Forum, Yurakucho Center Building, and Hibiya Mitsui Tower are just a few of the massive complexes you’ll find in the area.

Famous sights in the area include Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace. There is also an array of performing arts theaters in Yurakucho: The Imperial Theatre, the Nissay Theatre, and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre.

Yurakucho Apartments

Apartments for rent near Yurakucho Station:

Apartments For Rent in Yurakucho

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Chiyoda Ward is the heart and soul of business and commerce in Tokyo. Photo: toyohara via Flickr

  • While most of the land in Chiyoda Ward is reserved for the heart of Tokyo’s government and business districts, its central location makes it ideal for those working in and around downtown Tokyo. Read the in-depth guide to Chiyoda Ward here!