Buying a Pre-Owned Home

Is 2018 the Time to Buy a Home in Japan? Big Changes Coming to the Market

By Jeff Wynkoop The construction boom for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is in full swing, and the asking price for newly-built residences in central Tokyo keeps going up like so many new cranes dotting the city. As new home prices... More

What can you buy in Japan’s smaller cities for $150,000 or less?

March has started off with roar, in terms of user interest in “for sale” properties on Real Estate Japan. Buyers are showing especially strong interest in Tokyo’s 23 wards and in western suburbs like Machida and secondary markets like Osaka,... More

How much does it cost to buy a new house in Tokyo?

Amid tight supply, the average list price of a newly constructed house for sale in the Tokyo 23 wards leaped 8.5% year-on-year last month. This is according to a recent report by Tokyo Kantei (in Japanese). Below we summarize the... More

1R, 1K, 1DK, 1LDK Apartment: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Rent?

When you are looking at apartment listings in Japan, rather than being told the number of bedrooms the property has, you’ll come across these terms: 1R, 1K, 1DK, and 1LDK. These abbreviations tell you how many rooms in total the... More

What to do with Tokyo’s hundreds of thousands of abandoned homes

At the forefront of socioeconomic issues facing Japan is its aging and declining population, and perhaps no where will this manifest itself more visibly than in the country’s real estate and infrastructure. Local governments throughout Japan, including Tokyo, are having... More

Market Trends

What Kansai Condo Buyers Bought in 2017: Kansai Market Trends

Condominium buyers in the Kansai region scooped up smaller-sized units at a brisk pace in 2017, in both the new and re-sale markets. This led to a healthy jump in the per-tsubo price of condominium properties, despite a decrease in... More

What can you buy in the Tokyo suburbs for $230,000 or Less?

Despite near record-level listing prices in the greater Tokyo area, this month on Real Estate Japan we are continuing to see strong demand from buyers interested in buying first homes and investment properties. In this month’s installment of what you can... More