Buying Property in Japan

Explanation of Important Matters: What to Know Before You Buy Property in Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop In this article, we discuss what you need to know about the Explanation of Important Matters (重要事項説明書), the legal disclosure document meant to provide buyers with the material information you should know before finalizing your property purchase.... More

Buying a Home in Japan

Questions to Ask When Buying a Condominium in Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop In this article, we discuss specific issues relating to buying a condominium in Japan. For an overview of the process of buying a property, please see: Guide to Buying a Home in Japan. Buying a condo is... More

Buying a Home in Japan for $150,000 Outside the Big Cities

In this installment of the “What can you buy in Japan” series, we go outside Japan’s metropolises to see what is available for $150,000 or much less in regional cities and towns. Before we present some examples, let’s briefly take... More

Benefits of Using a Property Manager

Process of Handing Over a New Condominium Property in Japan

By Nils Herchenroeder In this article, I would like to talk in detail about what happens before and at the point when a new condominium property is handed over to its new owner. From the perspective of overseas investors, there are usually... More

Buying a Home in Tokyo

What can you buy in the Tokyo suburbs for $160,000 or Much Less?

If you have been renting in or near Tokyo for a while and are thinking of putting down roots, you would not be alone. In August, which is a traditionally slow month for home sales, we saw a surge of... More

Building a Custom House in Japan

Building a House in Japan: Key Things to Know About

By Jeff Wynkoop There are a lot of options for those wanting to custom-build a house in Japan, and a lot of hurdles to overcome. In a previous article, we discussed how much it costs to build a house in... More

7BR House for Sale Minami Boshi Chiba Japan

What can you buy for $120,000 in Japan’s Smaller Cities?

Despite the continuing rise in residential property prices in Tokyo’s 23 Wards, we have continued to see a high level of interest in central Tokyo properties, from both investors and people looking for family homes. In parallel, this year, we... More