AirBnB in Japan

Operating an AirbnB-Style Vacation Rental in Japan

By Erik Oskamp It is now possible through Airbnb and other websites to rent out properties on a short-term basis, mostly to tourists. In the last two years, thousands of people in Tokyo and other major cities have listed their... More

User Survey

My Ideal Apartment in Japan: User Survey

The purpose of this survey is to get your opinion on your ideal living situation in Japan, specifically with respect to the location, features and amenities that you would like to have in a Japanese apartment. We would like to... More

Market Trends

Sales of Pre-Owned Condos in Tokyo Top New Condo Sales for First Time

By Jeff Wynkoop In 2016 sales of pre-owned condos exceeded sales of new condos in the Tokyo area for the first time since records on both have been available (from 1996). Sales of pre-owned condos were up on a year-to-year... More

New Disclosure Requirements

Buying a Pre-Owned Home in Japan: Home Inspection Disclosures

By Jeff Wynkoop For the last 70 years, Japanese government policy has focused on overcoming this country’s long-term housing shortage by supporting the construction and sale of new housing. However, in the last decade the government has begun changing its... More

Property Management

Seasonality in the Residential Rental Market in Japan

By Nils Herchenroeder, Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation Many owners who have just purchased a residential property in Japan ask us how long it usually takes to find a tenant for their property. While this question is hard to answer because it... More

Japanese Govt Warns of Possible Bubble in Residential Rental Market

By Jeff Wynkoop The Japanese Cabinet Office recently indicated its concern regarding the pace of development of new assets for the residential rental market in Tokyo. New construction in the residential market was severely affected by the increase in Japanese... More

Property Management

Finding Renters for Your Tokyo Investment Property

By Erik Oskamp In this article, Erik Oskamp, founder and president of Akasaka Real Estate, offers practical advice and tips on finding renters for your investment property, including what types of apartments to avoid, how to set asking rent, and... More