What does an affordable, spacious home look like in Japan? Examples from around the country for $270,000 or Less

What is considered a spacious home in Japan? For the country as a whole, on average, each person in Japan has about 22.3-square meters (240-sqft) of living space. In the Tokyo 23 Wards, this number is a bit lower at... More

Getting a Variable Rate Home Loan in Japan? Beware the 5-Year Rule

By Jeff Wynkoop Mortgage rates in Japan are historically low, and a majority of borrowers don’t think interest rates are going to go up any time soon. In its April 2019 meeting, the Bank of Japan was clear in announcing... More

Top 5 Things Not To Do If You Are Thinking About Buying a Home in Tokyo

There are many things to think about when buying a home in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan. Here are five key things you should not do when making what will probably be one of the biggest purchases of your life. 1. Don’t... More

What is the Average Sales Price for a Tokyo Apartment in 2019? And Are Prices Up Compared to 2018?

The 2019 average sales price for a new apartment in the greater Tokyo area is ¥60,980,000 ($557,000) and average sales prices for January to April have increased about 3.9% across greater Tokyo, compared to 2018 annual average prices. Another key takeaway... More

Buying an Investment Property

Japan Investment Properties: What Can You Buy For $50,000?

In this installment of the “what can you buy” series, by popular request we focus on investment properties at the budget-conscious price point of $50,000 (¥5,500,000). Below the examples are answers to FAQs on buying a property as a foreigner... More

Bilingual Real Estate Agent in Tokyo: Answers Your FAQs on Buying and Managing an Investment Property in Tokyo

Real Estate Japan recently conducted an e-mail interview with Mr. Kotaro Kikkawa on frequently asked questions about buying property in Tokyo as a foreigner. Mr. Kikkawa is an agent with Tokyo-based EM Labo Co. Ltd. Here are his insightful answers to the questions... More

What can you buy for $160,000 or Less? From Japan’s Big Cities to Smaller Towns

In this installment in the “what can you buy” series, we take a look at what you can buy around Japan for $160,000 (¥17,500,000) or less. To put this price point in perspective, in 2018, the average listing price for... More