Know Your Japanese Condominium: Common Use Areas v. Private Areas

By Jeff Wynkoop When buying a Japanese condominium, purchasers expect they are going to have to pay monthly fees to the Homeowners’ Association (管理組合 kanri kumiai). But one thing they are often surprised by is how common use areas (共用部分... More


Japan’s Ministry of Land Wants Your Opinion on the Japanese Real Estate Market

Real Estate Japan has been tasked by Japan’s Ministry of Land to conduct the following survey on behalf of the Ministry. The purpose of this survey is to gather information and data on the areas in which non-Japanese may have... More

Guide to Home Mortgage Loans in Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop There are a lot of difficult decisions consumers have to make when choosing a home mortgage loan in Japan. Borrowers need to understand the impact these decisions have on the level of their monthly loan payments as... More

Due Diligence

Things to Check Before Buying a Condo in Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking for a re-sale condo. Usually people in the market categorize properties based on the area or areas they want to buy in first, then compare... More

Property Management

Property Management in Japan: 2016 Year in Review

In this article, Nils Herchenroeder of Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation reviews 2016’s top trends and most frequently asked questions on residential property management in Japan. Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation is one of Japan’s leading property management companies. Top Countries Most... More


Understanding Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans in Japan

By Jeff Wynkoop People wishing to borrow money for a home loan in Japan have many different issues to consider. One of the most important is how long they want the interest on their loan to be fixed, and how... More

Market Trends

Trends in the Tokyo Housing Market 2011 to 2016

By Jeff Wynkoop Five years ago Japan was shocked by the massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The March 11th, 2011 earthquake permeated the economic mood and made average consumers even more reticent to buy a new house. Although previously there... More