Akiya Banks in Japan – Links to Vacant House Databases by Prefecture

Akiya banks are databases of vacant or abandoned homes in Japan where owners and local governments can list properties for sale and buyers can search for vacant homes to buy.

The two main nationwide akiya banks (空き家バンク) are operated by major Japanese real estate portal sites:

These sites have been selected by the government to be official akiya bank websites, but they do not necessarily list the same number of properties, or even all the vacant properties found in a particular municipality. For example, as of today, HOME’S database lists 393 akiya properties in Hokkaido, while At Home lists 38.

Also, local governments can choose, but are not required to submit properties to be shown on these sites. In other words, currently, a single nationwide searchable database of vacant homes in Japan does not really exist, even in Japanese.

Many municipalities operate their own akiya bank sites. Hokkaido, for example, has invested in a functional website that is regularly updated with new properties. Other prefectures do not have any searchable online database, only contact phone numbers where people can call to speak to a local government official.

Some cities, towns, and villages also have their own akiya bank databases, which are not necessarily coordinated with the prefectural site or with the HOME’S or At Home database. If you know the name of the town you want to search in, it is worth a shot to do a search engine search just by the town’s name + the words “空き家バンク” because, for the reasons mentioned above, there is not currently a single nationwide coordinated system for people to register their vacant properties to market to buyers. Some people will register a house for sale in their city’s database, but not on any other site.

In the chart below are links to the search results by prefecture for HOME’S and At Home’s akiya databases. The third column shows the official prefectural-level akiya database, or the closest information available. In some cases, the link will take you to a page with phone numbers to contact the local official in charge of akiya or information about the benefits of migrating to the prefecture because the prefecture does not have an online akiya database. Some prefectures have also contracted with the local real estate agency association website to operate their akiya bank.

If you can’t read Japanese the easiest way to navigate these pages is probably by using the Chrome browser’s translation function or Google translate.

List of Akiya Banks in Japan by Prefecture

Links to Akiya Banks in Japan by Prefecture
HOME’S Database At Home Database Prefectural Gov’t or Related Site
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hokkaido
Aomori Aomori Aomori
Iwate Iwate Iwate
Miyagi Miyagi Miyagi
Akita Akita Akita
Yamagata Yamagata Yamagata
Fukushima Fukushima Fukushima
Ibaraki Ibaraki Ibaraki
Tochigi Tochigi Tochigi
Gunma Gunma Gunma
Saitama Saitama Saitama
Chiba Chiba Chiba
Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
Kanagawa Kanagawa Kanagawa
Niigata Niigata Niigata
Toyama Toyama Toyama
Ishikawa Ishikawa Ishikawa
Fukui Fukui Fukui
Yamanashi Yamanashi Yamanashi
Nagano Nagano Nagano
Gifu Gifu Gifu
Shizuoka Shizuoka Shizuoka
Aichi Aichi Aichi
Mie Mie Mie
Shiga Shiga Shiga
Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto
Osaka Osaka Osaka
Hyogo Hyogo Hyogo
Nara Nara Nara
Wakayama Wakayama Wakayama
Tottori Tottori Tottori
Shimane Shimane Shimane
Okayama Okayama Okayama
Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Yamaguchi
Tokushima Tokushima Tokushima
Kagawa Kagawa Kagawa
Ehime Ehime Ehime
Kochi Kochi Kochi
Fukuoka Fukuoka Fukuoka
Saga Saga Saga
Nagasaki Nagasaki Nagasaki
Kumamoto Kumamoto Kumamoto
Oita Oita Oita
Miyazaki Miyazaki Miyazaki
Kagoshima Kagoshima Kagoshima
Okinawa Okinawa Okinawa

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