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When getting started in residential property investment, the biggest mistake that many newcomers make is failing to choose a good property manager.

This problem is magnified when you are looking to buy an income-producing property in Japan as an overseas buyer or resident foreigner. Lack of English support, cursory due diligence and disinterest in maximizing profit for the owner are unfortunately, among the main complaints often heard from ex-pat property investors.

The right property manager can help make your investment a success, but it’s not a given that traditional property managers in Japan will be able to provide foreign property buyers with the support they need.

Choosing a property manager

When choosing a property manager for your property, there are several basic but critical questions to ask.

Can the property manager communicate with you in English and help you handle cultural barriers?

There are many property managers in greater Tokyo but like in many industries in Japan, English is not the norm for communication. For most foreign property investors, this is a deal breaker when vetting potential property managers.

Does the property manager have your best interests in mind and are they free from any conflicts of interest?

It is especially important to ask this of property managers in Japan, as opposed to other markets, because traditionally, many companies that offer property management services for a property are also simultaneously the property’s seller’s agent. This means that they will receive a commission for the sale. It is also not unusual for the actual seller of the property to be the PM for it.

Many property managers in Japan are focused on closing the sale of a property, not on how to maximize ROI on the future income.

In an arms length deal, your future property manager would have your interests in mind. They would conduct a transparent and thorough due diligence of the property, for example, so that there are no surprises that might cut into your expected revenue. However, if the company doing the due diligence is not transparent about conflicts of interests, it is unlikely you’ll get unbiased advice about the purchase or how to manage it professionally.

Does the property manager have a plan and the resources to maximize the return on your investment?

Traditional property managers in Japan often do not have expertise in due diligence or how to improve the property in order to increase income.

When you invest in an income property, the investment doesn’t end when you complete the purchase. Ideally, you want to have a property manager who knows how to analyze the market and the property and how to apply their expertise to help you grow your income over time.

In this article, we are pleased to introduce our readers to Axios Management, a Tokyo-based, full-service property manager with a unique mission statement and track record.

Axios Management

With a focus on supporting foreign property owners and investors in Japan, Axios Management is the only English-speaking and foreign investor-centric property management specialist in Japan.

Established in 2008, Axios Management currently has 19 buildings and 69 condos under management, for a total of 612 units.

Transparency and professionalism

Many of Axios Management’s current clients originally came to them through word-of-mouth referrals because they were dissatisfied with their previous property managers and were seeking a second opinion; and the main reason clients give for choosing and staying with Axios Management is because of the company’s transparency and professionalism.

When we asked Axios Management why they thought their service is relevant to foreigners looking to buy property on Real Estate Japan and other foreign property owners and investors, they said,

“We are committed to improving the performance of the properties entrusted to us, not only just that we can handle them in English. Our existing clients appreciate our transparency, our professionalism in pursuit of maximizing profits from the properties entrusted to us, and our ability to deliver results.”

What sets Axios Management apart?

As they are solely focused on property management and property analysis, Axios Management does not take part in the buying process. Their advice is objective and not marred by any conflicts of interest.

Focusing on long-term ROI

Asset management is at the core of Axios Management’s services.

This starts with best-in-class due diligence, which includes market surveys and planning, market analysis and a property audit.

However, unlike traditional property management companies in Japan, Axios Management’s business model extends beyond the initial due diligence. The next step is to focus on enhancing ROI, in a systematic three stage strategy: property enhancement, continuous property analysis and forecasting potential future incomes.

Whether you are overseas or resident in Japan, Axios Management’s team will provide you with a clear ROI strategy, in English, from day one. This is truly a unique feature when compared with traditional PM companies in Japan.

Many of Axios Management’s clients are long-term clients because they are very satisfied with the service they are receiving. Here is a testimonial from a Singaporean retail property investor:

“I am most impressed by the professionalism and dedication of Mr. Tsuyoshi Hikichi [Axios Management’s Managing Director] for helping me manage my property portfolio in Japan. He has always gone the extra mile to offer me assistance and answer my questions. I can feel his sincerity in working hard to secure me the best possible tenants and to find the lowest cost quotations from service providers. Tsuyoshi-san demonstrates integrity in all his dealings with me. He protects my interest as a foreign investor and helps me to maximise my rental returns. I am so grateful to have him take care of my investment in Japan that I can have peace of mind knowing that my investments are well take care of. Thank you so much!”

Full English Support

Axios Management is committed to offering bespoke property management services for expat investors, in English, that goes above-and-beyond. This includes providing general communications about the property, monthly rental reports, a yearly rental summary, financial reports, and investment advice in English.

Property Analysis and Enhancement

In addition to the comprehensive due diligence and property analysis services explained above, to ensure ROI via property enhancement, Axios Management uses their network of skilled and experienced contractors to commission cost effective and profitable improvements to properties.

Onsite and Offsite management

Traditional property management companies in Japan tend to only do the minimum necessary to meet their obligations. Axios Management goes the extra mile to increase your long-term ROI.

Their onsite management services employ professional property managers with extensive industry experience. Their job is to liaise with tenants regularly, identifying problems as they arise and enforcing lease terms where necessary.

Their offsite management services include the handling of legal and financial administration of the property, working in close collaboration with onsite property managers and clients.

They also adhere to the highest standards of transparency. To deliver a high level of transparency, Axios Management provides owners with regular property reports and updates on their investment, customized to their individual requirements and preferences.

Tax representation and filing services

Axios Management also acts on behalf of clients as their official Tax Representative. In this capacity, Axios Management prepares the documents required for income tax declarations, translation and registration with the tax authorities. Clients are supported through the procedures for tax refunds, payments and other formalities.


If you are interested in learning more about Axios Management’s services, please visit their official website: Axios Management

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