Come Home to this Centrally Located 1LDK Apartment For Sale in Shibuya!

There are many reasons why Shibuya is one of the most sought after areas to live in Tokyo. Living in one of the capital’s premiere city centers will keep your commute reasonable and make it easy to enjoy everything Tokyo has to offer. The image of the Shibuya lifestyle is one of luxury and convenience, and can be a status symbol for some. If you have been considering purchasing an apartment in Tokyo and are looking for ideas of what’s available, you can’t go wrong with the central location of Shibuya!

This 42.13 sq m 1LDK apartment is a unit in The Palms Shibuya Tokiwamatsu (ザ・パームス渋谷常盤松), a 7-story apartment complex that was built in 2013. Listed by API Inc., experienced bilingual real estate agents who are able to provide support, from the property search to handover and post-move in (and even move-out, if  and when you choose to sell).

There are a total of 21 units in the building, ranging from 1LDK to 3LDK apartments. This unit comes equipped with a three-burner range with generous counter space for single-resident lifestyle. This home would be quite comfortable even for a couple.

Heated flooring, ample closet space, and a great layout maximizes natural light in the living/dining room. There is also a good amount of space for entertaining a small home party with friends. The central location near Shibuya and Omotesando will also make it easy to invite company over.

The bathroom is a 1317 size unit (1.3 m x 1.65 m), and the sink and bathroom vanity unit is separate from the toilet.

The building is equipped with an auto-lock system for enhanced security, as well as a video monitor for communicating with deliveries or buzzing-in acquaintances.

It might be hard to visualize and imagine the location if you’re unfamiliar with how Shibuya and its various neighborhoods are positioned. This apartment is just a walk away from Shibuya, Omotesando, Ebisu, and Hiroo. These are major neighborhoods of Tokyo, and each has its own unique feature to enjoy; giving the particular neighborhood where you’ll find The Palms Shibuya Tokiwamatsu a very fresh and balanced livability. You’ll always be just a walk away from something exciting in the heart of downtown Shibuya!

From this 1LDK apartment in The Palms Shibuya Tokiwamatsu you’ll be able to walk the high-fashion streets of Omotesando! Enjoy exploring the side streets packed with trendy cafes and boutique shops! Photo: Scott Kouchi

Also near this apartment is Yebisu Garden Place near Ebisu Station. This luxury shopping/dining complex hosts seasonal events as well. Photo: iStock stock photography

For more information on this property and to contact the agent, please visit the property detail page for this 1LDK apartment for sale in Shibuya.