House Renovation in Japan Before and After: Video Interview


Have you ever considered buying a pre-owned home in Japan and renovating it into your dream home? This is the ultimate property dream for many people who have visited Japan or have resided here for a while, but how would you go about it?

A conversation with the homeowner and architect

In this video interview, Ms. Chieko Matsuzawa, a bilingual real estate agent from Plaza Homes, spoke with a foreign resident of Japan who successfully did just that! 

One takeaway from this video is that it is not only possible, but can also be a very enjoyable experience that makes you appreciate the structural and design features of your home even more. 

Honest communication with your architect is one of the keys

Another key takeaway is that the home renovation process is complicated and can involve unexpected opportunities to make improvisational decisions.

For this to be successful, there has to be honest communication between the homeowner and architect. This means that it is essential for you to engage the help of an architect with whom you can speak frankly in your native language, if possible.

In this interview, Ms. Matsuzawa spoke in-depth with the homeowner, Eugene Stuckless, an American who bought and renovated a previously built home in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, and Daishi Yoshimoto, a fully bilingual architect who designed the renovation.

What features do you want in your dream home?

Eugene was able to renovate the home he bought into exactly the home he wanted. A few of the notable features included a huge bookshelf, an atrium that encompasses the entire height of the structure, and a theater room! 

Another important takeaway from the video is that working with the right real estate agent and architect made all the difference in this home renovation.

Mr. Yoshimoto has worked on many large-scale projects, including the Tokyo American Club and has a wealth of experience working with overseas clients.

House renovation in Japan Before and After: Video Interview

If you are interested in learning what a successful home renovation of a pre-owned property in Tokyo looks like, it is well worth watching the whole video, but below are some key points to note.

  •  01:15: Property location and the attractions of the Shimokitazawa neighborhood
  • 01:47: Property specifications
  • 02:07: How did Eugene renovate the house? Before and after photos and explanations
  • 05:33: Renovation interview
  • 05:53: Do foreigners consider Japanese homes uncomfortable to live in?
  • 07:58: What is Mr. Yoshimoto’s approach to renovation?
  • 12:43: How was Eugene’s renovation experience?
  • 17:43: What were Eugene’s favorite parts of the renovation?
  • 24:28: What are the key points for renovation of Japanese detached houses?
  • 27:02: Tips for choosing a Japanese property

Contact Plaza Homes for more information

With Eugene’s passion and Yoshimoto-san’s approach to creating a comfortable home by maximizing the benefits of the house, the property was transformed into Eugene’s dream home!

Plaza Homes is one of the leading bilingual real estate brokerages in Tokyo, with over 50 years of experience helping foreigners buy and sell real estate in Japan. 

If you are interested in purchasing real estate or would like to find your ideal home like Eugene, please contact Plaza Homes!

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