How to Get a Housing Loan in Japan: A guide for home buyers by Plaza Homes


In this video presentation, Kenji Kubo and Haruka Haze, bilingual real estate agents from Plaza Homes, discuss in detail the important points you need to know to get a housing loan in Japan.

How to get a housing loan in Japan

The team at Plaza Homes offers a rare and comprehensive look at the various aspects of how a foreigner can qualify for a housing loan, the application process, the different types of loans available, how much you can borrow, and what properties are eligible, among many other important points.

  • Application process
  • Eligibility and affordability
  • Loan repayment structure and fees
  • Target property types
  • Life insurance (danshin) and tax relief

Articles by Plaza Homes about housing loans in Japan

Plaza Homes’s website also provides a wealth of information on the many considerations involved in getting a mortgage loan. Including:

  • Guide to home mortgage loans in Japan
    • Includes an overview of mortgage loans, banks that can lend to foreigners, and details about investment loans for non-residents
  • Housing loan tax deduction
  • What is the maximum amount you can borrow?
  • With interest rates so low in Japan, what loan type is right for you?
  • FAQ on housing loans in Japan
  • Financing options for investment properties, including guest houses
  • Mortgage loans for Hong Kong resident customers

For more information

Plaza Homes is one of the leading bilingual real estate brokerages in Tokyo, with over 50 years of experience helping foreigners buy and sell real estate in Japan. If you are considering buying a property in Tokyo, please contact them below to get started!

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