Meet the Team at RE/MAX Amistad: A leading full-service, bilingual brokerage in Tokyo


One of the biggest challenges for foreigners trying to buy and sell property in Japan is overcoming the language barrier and getting transparent information about the real estate market.

With Japan re-opening its borders to the world and the weak yen, there has been a surge of interest among both overseas and domestic buyers who want to invest in residential real estate. However, it can be an intimidating prospect to buy property in a country where your knowledge of the language is limited. How do you get the right information and support necessary for such a big transaction?

What makes RE/MAX Amistad different?

In this article, we would like to introduce the team of professionals at RE/MAX Amistad, a full-service bilingual brokerage that has been doing business in Tokyo for over 18 years. What sets them apart from many agencies is their commitment to putting their clients’ best interests first, their focus on transparency and their desire to build long-lasting client relationships.

Buying and selling real estate can be challenging in any country, and real estate transactions in Japan are generally similar to what you would expect in major Western countries. However, there are also unique features, which are better explained by a bilingual professional who is working for you and who will answer the questions specific to your situation. The real estate professionals at RE/MAX Amistad will work as your advocates and help guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Another key point is that RE/MAX Amistad works in partnership with Axios Management, the only English-speaking and foreign investor-centric property management specialist in Japan. For those looking to purchase real estate as an investment, RE/MAX Amistad and Axios Management provide a one-stop solution from purchase to management and final exit.

Finally, the agents at RE/MAX Amistad are really the heart of the agency. They truly care about their clients and will work tirelessly to help you find your dream home or investment property. Below we profile a few of the professionals of RE/MAX Amistad.

Kimie Aboshi

Kimie Aboshi, Agent, RE/MAX Amistad. Photo credit: RE/MAX Amistad

Kimie is a trilingual real estate agent, who got her start in real estate decades ago, when she worked as a licensed agent in Los Angeles, California. She loved helping people find the home that met their unique specifications and the diversity of housing available in southern California. When she came back to Japan she thought that she would continue in the real estate industry but ended up working in another field. Eventually, her career looped back to real estate and she is now an agent with RE/MAX Amistad.

What makes Kimie passionate about helping her clients? She explained to us that “Over the years, starting in my late teens and throughout my twenties, I was mentored by many different professionals in different fields when I was studying and working in the United States. I chose the real estate industry because I think that it’s a profession where I can use my dedication and hard work to really help people and to mentor younger generations, just as many people helped me early in my career. I want to pay it forward. I feel it’s an honor to help my clients find the home that’s right for them. When my clients are happy, I’m happy for them.”

Kimie is able to assist clients in Japanese, English and Spanish. She was a Spanish major in university and studied abroad in Costa Rica for six months.

Naomi Fukuda

Naomi Fukuda, Agent, RE/MAX Amistad. Photo credit: RE/MAX Amistad

Naomi is a real estate professional who is also a qualified Certified Financial Planner (AFP).

She is passionate about offering advice and guidance to foreigners in  English, whether they are looking to invest in property or to buy or sell a home.

If you’d like to know her professionally, you can find her clients’ feedback here. You’ll see why she has so many repeat customers!

She is a people-person who is known for her meticulous research, clear communication style and expert negotiation skills. Her goal is to help each of her clients find a comfortable and high-quality, high-value property that will be their “gem-of-a-lifestyle” home.

For those considering the purchase of investment properties, we work closely with Axios Management, a property management company, to help our clients maximize profits and operate their investment efficiently.

Naomi has a diverse professional background that includes being a qualified Certified Professional Planner and excellent knowledge of the PR and marketing industry. She also has experience being a manager at the largest travel company in Japan.

Once you start working with her, you’ll find that she is very friendly and sincere.

She has also received recognition as REMAX Japan Rookie of the Year.

Aki Shimizu

Aki Shimizu, Agent, RE/MAX Amistad. Photo credit: RE/MAX Amistad

Aki worked as a real estate agent in New York City before returning to her hometown of Tokyo and joining RE/MAX Amistad in November 2018. 

She holds a real estate salesperson license and works exclusively with home buyers, sellers and investors to give them the best attention they deserve. Her clients often mention her extensive industry knowledge and strong communication skills as reasons why they would recommend her. As her recent client described about her – “She CARES, she is HONEST, and very EMPATHETIC. BILINGUAL not only in Language…BUT ALSO IN CULTURE”, and that is exactly who she is.

Her specialty is sales and purchase of luxury real estate in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, a niche that requires a wide range of related services not just brokerage. She tells us what she values – “I truly care about offering the best client experience to every client I work with and make them feel satisfied about transaction. I’m very grateful to have such opportunities to help people.”

In her debut year at RE/MAX Amistad in 2019, she received the 1st prize for Number of Transactions in Sales in Japan and 100% Club, a second Club Level Award for sales volume in the US. Now she’s recognized as one of the top RE/MAX agents in Japan.

Rukiye Tohti

Rukiye Tohti, Agent, RE/MAX Amistad. Photo credit: RE/MAX Amistad

Rukiye is Uyghur and was born and raised in Urumqi but studied and worked in various countries over the past 17 years. She can speak five different languages and is very open to different cultures.

Prior to working in the real estate industry, she worked for a travel agency in Istanbul as a sales manager and on a project designed to help Indian women and children in Tokyo and Mumbai. In these jobs, she learned about customer service, problem solving skills, overseas marketing and a variety of cultures.

Her work in overseas marketing and as the manager of a travel agency has translated into a passion for helping foreigners rent, buy and sell real estate in Tokyo.

Buying and renting an apartment in Japan can be challenging and stressful for foreigners, but Rukiye’s experience, professionalism and client-oriented approach helps to make it easier. She provides her customers with the right information so that they can make informed decisions. When we asked why she is passionate about working with foreigners, she said that, “My passion has always been to help people in any way I can and I believe my experience will help you find a safe and comfortable home in Tokyo.


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If you are interested in learning more about RE/MAX Amistad or to get in touch with any of the agents profiled above, please visit their official website: RE/MAX Amistad.

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