Risks to watch out for when investing in a rental property in Japan

As international equity markets took a beating in 2022, many investors have looked to other sectors to shore up their portfolios. In the last few years, Japanese residential real estate has drawn a lot of attention from overseas investors because... More

How much does an apartment cost in Japan’s Kansai region? September 2022 Update

Average sales prices for newly constructed apartments in Japan’s Kansai region were down 1.2% year-on-year, marking two consecutive months of year-on-year declines. In contrast, supply increased year-on-year in September by 10.1% to 1,332 units, the second consecutive month of year-on-year... More

How much does an apartment cost in Tokyo – Sept 2022 Update

Sales prices of newly constructed apartments in the greater Tokyo region were up in September, as developers continued to rein in supply. The average sales price for a new apartment sold in the greater Tokyo metro region reached ¥66,530,000 ($450,000... More

What is Toki (Real Estate Registration) in Japan and Why is it important?

What is Toki (Real Estate Registration) in Japan? Toki (登記) is a system for recording information about land and buildings in the tokibo real estate register (登記簿) managed by the Legal Affairs Bureau. Each piece of land or building in... More

Meet the Team at RE/MAX Amistad: A leading full-service, bilingual brokerage in Tokyo

[SPONSORED CONTENT] One of the biggest challenges for foreigners trying to buy and sell property in Japan is overcoming the language barrier and getting transparent information about the real estate market. With Japan re-opening its borders to the world and... More

Sale prices for new condominiums in Tokyo at near record highs, but supply sluggish

Condominium developers in the greater Tokyo area have been hit hard by high material costs this year, as inflation has not spared the building industry. This is one of the key reasons why supply of new condominiums in the capital... More

Japan to require homes to meet energy-saving standards to qualify for Flat 35 Mortgages starting April 2023

Starting in April 2023, Japan will introduce a home energy-saving requirement to the popular Flat 35 home loan program. This measure will be introduced two years ahead of the already announced energy-saving standards that will be mandatory for all new... More