Akiya Banks in Japan – Links to Vacant House Databases by Prefecture

Akiya banks are databases of vacant or abandoned homes in Japan where owners and local governments can list properties for sale and buyers can search for vacant homes to buy. The two main nationwide akiya banks (空き家バンク) are operated by... More

Average Price of a Pre-Owned Apartment in Greater Tokyo Reaches a Record High

The average listing price of a pre-owned condominium in the greater Tokyo area rose 10.1% year-on-year to reach ¥40,440,000 ($366,000) in May, a record high. This is according to Tokyo Kantei’s June nationwide pre-owned apartment market report. The May figure... More

Average Sales Price of a New Apartment in Tokyo Falls for the First Time in 3 Months

The average sales price of a newly constructed apartment in greater Tokyo fell year-on-year for the first time in three months to ¥69,340,000 ($627,000 USD), dragged down by an 11.4% drop in the average sales prices of condominiums sold in... More

How much does it cost to renovate an akiya [vacant home] in Japan?

The issue of abandoned homes, or akiya, in Japan is well known. In recent months, you may have come across articles in foreign media saying that Japan’s small towns are practically giving away abandoned homes in an attempt to get... More

Top 5 places where foreigners are looking to buy homes in Japan, outside Tokyo – June 2021

This month on Real Estate Japan, we’ve seen a significant uptick in inquiries for For Sale properties throughout the country. The majority of buyer interest is focused on Tokyo, but there was also a noticeable increase in inquiries to other... More

What can you buy in Japan for $130,000 or less?

In this installment of the “what can you buy” series, by popular request, we take a look at what you can buy around Japan at the below average price point of ¥14,000,000 ($127,000 USD) or much less. To put this... More

Average Price of an Apartment in Japan in 2021 – Ranked by Prefecture

In this article we rank Japan’s 47 prefectures by the average listing price for a re-sale apartment. For the 2020 ranking, please see this article: Average price of an apartment in Japan in 2020. Here are the key takeaways thus far... More