Renovated Traditional House for Sale in Kyoto - Exterior View

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Renovated Thatched-Roof House for Sale in the Kyoto Countryside

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Nestled in a town just north of Kyoto is a rare property – a gorgeously renovated thatched-roof house built in the Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park area. This region is famous for its traditional farmhouses but only once... More


How to Get a Housing Loan in Japan: A guide for home buyers by Plaza Homes

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Important Questions to Ask When Buying a House in Japan

Whether you are looking to buy a freestanding house or a condominium in a high-rise building in Japan, the first question to ask is always the same: what is the purpose of your purchase? Is the property going to serve... More

Japanese Condominium Law Slated for Major Overhaul

The Japanese government is planning to revise its law on condominiums—Act No. 69 of 1962: “Law Concerning Sectional Ownership of Buildings” (Japanese)—to make it easier for homeowners’ associations to gain approval for large-scale renovations of buildings. There are hundreds of... More


How can foreigners purchase real estate in Japan by Plaza Homes

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Azuki Partners: Objective Real Estate Investment Advice for Foreigners in Japan

Japan has seen a tremendous surge in buyer interest in residential real estate in 2023. On Real Estate Japan, inquiries to bilingual agents handling properties for sale throughout the country have increased over 51% year-on-year in the first three months... More

Risks to watch out for when investing in a rental property in Japan

As international equity markets took a beating in 2022, many investors have looked to other sectors to shore up their portfolios. In the last few years, Japanese residential real estate has drawn a lot of attention from overseas investors because... More