Where do foreigners want to buy homes in Tokyo: December 2020 Edition

In this post, we present the Top 5 most popular stations for people searching for properties for sale on as we head into the last part of December 2020. The ranking below is based on an analysis of property listings in the... More

Investing in Tokyo residential real estate from overseas: FAQs

Real Estate Japan recently conducted an email interview with Mr.LAND Co. Ltd., a tri-lingual Tokyo-based real estate brokerage specializing in the sale and purchase of income properties for overseas clients. Below they provide insightful answers to FAQs on: What are... More

Sales of pre-owned apartments and houses in greater Tokyo hit record high in November

Sales of pre-owned condominiums and single-family homes in greater Tokyo had a banner month in November, chalking up the highest unit sales numbers recorded since the Real Estate Information Network for East Japan (REINS East Japan) started tracking the market... More

Homeowners in Japan can expect lower property taxes in 2021

The Japanese government plans to adjust the amount levied for the fixed asset tax (koteishisanzei) for both commercial and residential properties in 2021 to provide relief for people affected by the coronavirus-led economic downturn. The LDP is expected to include... More

Buy a house in the Japanese countryside and get up to ¥1 million yen in points from the gov’t and other 2021 home buyer incentives

The Japanese government plans to set up an incentive system starting in the spring of 2021 to encourage people to migrate to rural areas in Japan in exchange for up to ¥1 million in points that can be redeemed for... More

New 2021 mortgage loan tax deduction rules for homeowners in Japan

The Japanese government has revealed details of expanded tax deductions for mortgage loans for homeowners that will come into force in 2021. The final decision on the rule changes will be made by the LDP’s tax system investigation committee and... More

What can you buy for $240,000 in Japan?

In this installment in the “what can you buy” series, we take a look at what you can buy around Japan at the popular $240,000 (¥25,000,000) price point. To put this price point in perspective, in October 2020, The average... More