Ministry of Land to Investigate Possible Fraudulent Use of Fixed-Rate Low-Interest Flat 35 Mortgage Loans for Investment

Japan’s Ministry of Land announced on May 7th that it will investigate possible illegal use of Flat 35 loans by some borrowers to finance investment properties. Flat 35 loans, which are backed by the government-affiliated Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF),... More

Investing in Japanese Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Support Services for Foreigners in Japan — By Real Estate Japan Inc.

Real Estate Japan Inc. is Japan’s leading multilingual property portal. We work with the top agents in Tokyo and around Japan to connect investors, buyers, sellers, and renters. Through our real estate investment support services, we connect and provide support... More

Tokyo Market Trends

Buyers Scooped Up Apartments in Greater Tokyo at Record Pace in FY2018: Here’s What They Paid

Buyers bought apartments in the greater Tokyo area at a record pace in FY2018 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019), according to a report recently released by the Real Estate Information Network System (REINS). The greater Tokyo region consists of... More

What can you buy for $100,000 Just Outside Tokyo?

In this installment in the “what can you buy” series, by popular request we take a look at what you can buy just outside Tokyo for ¥10,000,000 ($100,000) or less. To put this price point in perspective, in 2018, the... More

Daiwa House – Japan’s Leading Home Builder – Admits to Ignoring Whistleblower Report of Construction Defects for 1.5 Years

Daiwa House Industry, Japan’s leading home builder, announced on April 12th that 2,000 of its single-family homes and multi-family buildings located throughout Japan are likely in violation of the Building Standards Law. Construction defects in the affected structures range from... More

LeoPalace21 Reveals Defects in Buildings Constructed in 2018: Another 3,700 Buildings Affected

In a fresh blow to its brand, LeoPalace 21, the operator of over 30,000 budget apartment units across Japan, announced on April 10th that it has uncovered shoddy construction in another 3,784 buildings, bringing the total number of buildings with... More

How is AirBnB Doing in Japan One Year After Licensing Starts? Steady Progress But Some Problems Remain

It has been a year since operators began applying to do business under the new Minpaku law. Although notifications under the law got off to a slow start, the number of new businesses applying to become a registered minpaku has... More