Renovated Traditional House for Sale in Kyoto - Exterior View Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.

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Renovated Thatched-Roof House for Sale in the Kyoto Countryside


Nestled in a town just north of Kyoto is a rare property – a gorgeously renovated thatched-roof house built in the Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park area. This region is famous for its traditional farmhouses but only once in a while does one of them publicly go on sale.

Real Estate Japan is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce this beautiful home to our readers, in partnership with Azuki Partners, a Tokyo-based bilingual real estate consulting firm.

Property overview

This beautifully restored home has many qualities and amenities that would appeal to those looking for a traditional-style property located near nature and which has been lovingly renovated and updated with modern comforts.

Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The golden-hue of the thatched roof, which was completely restored by a local craftsman, stands in striking contrast to the greens of the surrounding hills and trees.

The amazing location coupled with the precise structural renovation and attention to detail in the finishing touches makes this a highly desirable property for those looking for a home or investment property in western Japan that is easily accessible to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

Cultural value

For those who love Japanese culture, this is also a rare opportunity to own an important cultural asset, since Japan’s building codes prohibit the rebuilding of old thatched-roof houses. There is only a limited number of traditional thatched homes left in Japan. So buying an existing home has considerable intrinsic value, beyond what can be measured by investment yield alone.

Renovated house for sale in Kyoto - Hearth RoomImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The cozy living room can be enjoyed year-round but in the winter, the whole family will want to gather here to stay warm by the irori, a traditional Japanese sunken hearth fired with charcoal.
Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The modern kitchen and dining room features high-grade appliances and an island with counter seating.
Renovated traditional-style house for sale in Kyoto - Two bathroomsImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
One of the unique features of this home is that it has two full bathrooms, a Japanese-style one (left) with a deep bathtub for enjoying a soak and a western-style one with a shower (right).
Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
Kawara tiles were using in the flooring of the entranceway, a nod to the fire-clay roof tiles used in traditional Japanese construction.


This is a fully renovated traditional-style thatched-roof (kayabuki) house for sale in Nantan-shi, Kyoto. 

  • Address: Tauta Gonami 21, Miyama-cho, Nathan-shi, Kyoto
  • Access:
    • About 36-km north of Kyoto
    • About 1-hour ride from Kyoto Station on the Rapid Sonobe San-in line
    • About 1-hour and 35-min from Shin Osaka Station via Tokaido-Sanyo shinkansen and San-in line
  • Property size: 133.88m²
  • Land area: 1269.04m² 
  • Layout: 3LDK (3 rooms + living room and dining room/kitchen)
  • Structure: Wood
  • Stories: 1-story 
  • Land rights: Freehold
  • Year built: Unknown
  • Listing price: Please inquire with the agent using the form below

Floor Plan

Renovated traditional thatched-roof house for sale in Kyoto - Floor planImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
Floor plan, translation by Real Estate Japan

A magical location

The property enjoys a truly unique location, between the famed thatched-roof village (Kayabuki no Sato) of Miyama and the old-growth forest of Ashiu.

Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The property location is marked by the red rectangles.

Miyama’s famous thatched-roof village

For those looking for an investment property, it’s worth noting that the famous thatched-roof village of Miyama is just a 10-minute drive away from the home.

Image credit: iStock 1682778550
Miyama Kayabuki no Sato (Thatched-roof village) and buckwheat fields.
There are about 30 postcard-perfect traditional farm homes clustered in this 200-year old village. It is a popular tourist destination, especially during the biannual Kayabuki no Sato Water Hose Festival, when the town tests its fire fighting system by blasting the thatched roofs with powerful jets of high-arching streams of water!

Miyama has seen even more tourism in recent years, since the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) designated it in 2021 as one of 44 villages in the world selected for their emphasis on SDG-based tourism.

According to the agent, the home can be leased out as a short-term vacation rental to tourists upon obtaining a simple accommodation license.

Ashiu Forest

The home is also a short drive from the Ashiu Forest, the largest old-growth forest in western Japan. It is often described by locals as being magical, due to its age, environment and the fact that it is home to many rare flora and fauna.

In an effort to preserve the forest, special permission is required to enter the area.

A river runs through it

The property is also adjacent to the Yura River, which means that it is just a few minutes walk from the back of the home to the banks of this crystal clear river, where you and your family or guests can enjoy swimming, boating and other water activities.

Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
Nearby Yura River is just a few minutes walk from the rear of the property.

Top-to-bottom renovation and upgrades

The property you see today is the result of a painstaking renovation that sought to maintain as many of the original elements as possible, while ensuring safety, attention to modern comforts and enhancing livability as a traditional Japanese-style home.

Renovated house for sale in Kyoto countrysideImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The original structural pillars were lifted one-by-one using powerful 40-ton jacks in order to preserve them, while allowing for foundation work.
Renovated Traditional Thatched Roof House for Sale in Kyoto - Foundation Work
Foundation work was done around the original pillars.
Renovated Traditional Thatched Roof House for Sale in Kyoto - Straightening the StructureImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
Using lever blocks to slowly straighten the structure.
Renovated Traditional House for Sale in Kyoto - Insulation WorkImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
One drawback of traditional-style homes is the lack of insulation. Fortunately, this is not the case with this home, as the renovation included the installation of insulating materials in the walls and roof.

Thatched roof repair

Image credit: Namazugumi Inc.
The thatched roof was carefully restored by a local craftsman.

A home for making memories year-round

For those looking for a superbly renovated Japanese-style home in the heart of western Japan, this property scores extremely high marks for location, comfort and balance of Japanese and western aesthetics and livability.

It is also a home that is meant for making memories with family and friends year-round!

Renovated traditional-style house for sale in Kyoto - WinterImage credit: Namazugumi Inc.
View of the front of the property surrounded by snow.

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