Where do foreigners want to buy homes in Tokyo: December 2020 Edition

In this post, we present the Top 5 most popular stations for people searching for properties for sale on realestate.co.jp as we head into the last part of December 2020. The ranking below is based on an analysis of property listings in the Tokyo 23 Wards that people viewed and inquired about. For the 2019 annual ranking, please see this post: Where do foreigners want to buy homes in Tokyo? 

Thus far in December, locations on the Yamanote line have dominated the Top Five, with four out of the Top Five being major stations on Tokyo’s main loop line. Please see the details below!

#1 Yoyogi

Sunny, spacious 2LDK (2BR) apartment for sale in Yoyogi with huge roof balcony. 4-min walk from Yoyogi Station. The listing agent for this property is Re/Max Amistad. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Yoyogi neighborhood. Image: Re/Max Amistad

Why Yoyogi?

Yoyogi is a highly sought after upscale residential neighborhood that perfectly combines proximity to green space and city-center conveniences. The neighborhood borders Shinjuku to the south and Shibuya Ward to the north.

It is most closely associated with Yoyogi Park. Located adjacent to Harajuku and Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park is one of Tokyo’s largest city parks and is known for its huge green spaces, ponds and forested areas, as well as the many summer festivals held there. The National Stadium (the main venue for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and scheduled to be the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games) is also located in Yoyogi.

Yoyogi is very family-friendly (and pet-friendly) neighborhood but young couples and single people will also enjoy its many pedestrian-friendly streets and excellent eateries and cafes.

Yoyogi Park. Photo taken on the weekend of May 30th, 2020 after the COVID state-of-emergency was lifted. Photo: Scott Kouchi

From an in-depth guide to Yoyogi, please see: Yoyogi Area Guide

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#2 Shinjuku

Making a reappearance in the Top 5 after a few months absence (please see: Buying a home in Tokyo as a foreigner: October 2020 Edition) is Shinjuku!

2LDK (2BR) apartment for sale, 8-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station. Amazing location. This is an 8th-story apartment in the 20-story Famille Shinjuku Grand Suite Tower. The listing agent for this property is MINAMIAOYAMA REAL ESTATE Co., Ltd. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Shinjuku neighborhood. Image: MINAMIAOYAMA REAL ESTATE Co., Ltd.

Shinjuku is the name of a ward, neighborhood, and not just one but numerous train stations in Tokyo.

In 2016, an average of 3.37 million passengers passed through JR Shinjuku Station, making it the busiest train station in the world. Shinjuku is also a city unto itself. It offers endless shopping, dining, and entertainment options, from low-brow to high-end. If you are looking for proximity to urban conveniences, Shinjuku should be at the top of your list.

With JR Shinjuku Station at the center, the main residential areas clockwise around the station are:

  1. North: Okubo — Tokyo’s most well-known Korea Town
  2. Northeast: Kabukicho — Gritty, touristy, nightlife
  3. East: Shinjuku San-Chome — Mid- to high-end residential
  4. Southeast: Shinjuku Gyoen — Bordering Shinjuku National Garden to the north — Desirable, relaxed, high-end
  5. Southeast: Sendagaya — Bordering Shinjuku National Garden to the south — Artsy, cultural, Olympic Stadium
  6. South: Yoyogi – Yoyogi Park, high-end residential, very popular with western expats, family-friendly
  7. West: Nishi Shinjuku – Tokyo’s skyscraper district, Shinjuku as presented in “Lost in Translation”

Learn more: Shinjuku Area Guide

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#3 Ebisu

2LDK apartment for sale. Excellent location 2-min walk from Daikanyama Station and 7-min walk from Ebisu Station on the Yamanote line. Very livable, ex-pat friendly neighborhood with many restaurants and cafes nearby. The listing agent for this property is Mr.LAND Co. Ltd. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Ebisu neighborhood. Image: Mr.LAND Co. Ltd.

A foodie’s paradise, Ebisu is famous for its wide range of dining options and the beautiful city-in-a-city of Yebisu Garden Place. Consistently ranked as one of Tokyok’s most desirable residential neighborhoods, Ebisu is a high-end but laid back area situated near Shibuya and very popular with ex-pat residents. Proximity to the headquarters of many global companies, nearby embassies and high livability are major draws.

Learn more: Ebisu Area Guide

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#4 Shibuya

1LDK apartment for sale in the Qualia Jinnan Flats building, 8-min walk from Shibuya Station, 9-min walk from Harajuku Station. Excellent central location! The listing agent for this property is PLAZA HOMES. LTD.  Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Ebisu neighborhood. Image: PLAZA HOMES LTD.

Why Shibuya?

Shibuya is everything to everyone. Every little neighborhood around the station has its own vibe. It runs the gamut from low-cost single-room studios to luxurious seven-bedroom manors. Street food to Michelin-starred gourmet dining. Back alley smoking areas to young, fashionable vape cafes. Mass market department stores to one-of-a-kind designer boutiques. It’s every aspect of Tokyo life distilled into one location.

Learn more: Shibuya Area Guide

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#5 Azabu Juban

2DK investment property for sale near Azabu Juban Station on the Toei Metro Namboku line. Near Azabu Juban shopping street! The listing agent for this property is Golden House. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Ebisu neighborhood. Image: Golden House.

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Lead photo: Azabu Juban shopping street, photo by Chris Mollison