Where do foreigners want to buy homes in Tokyo: November 2020 Edition

In this post, we present the Top 5 most popular stations for people searching for properties for sale on realestate.co.jp in November 2020. The ranking below is based on an analysis of property listings in the Tokyo 23 Wards that people viewed and inquired about. For the 2019 annual ranking, please see this post: Where do foreigners want to buy homes in Tokyo? 

#1 Nishi Shinjuku Go Chome

Spectacular city views from this 2LDK apartment for sale near Nishi Shinjuku Gochome Station! This property is located on the 19th-floor of the luxurious 36-story City Tower Shinjuku Shintoshin condominium building. The listing agent for this property is Sumitomo Real Estate Sales Co. Ltd. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Nishi Shinjuku neighborhood.

Why Nishi Shinjuku?

Nishi Shinjuku is known for its high concentration of skyscrapers and the iconic twin Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings.

It is one of the most convenient neighborhoods surrounding central Shinjuku because there are so many major stations nearby, including the mother of all hub stations — JR Shinjuku — which is just a 15-minute walk away.

Another great amenity in the neighborhood is Shinjuku Central Park, an expansive city-center green space with many tree-lined walking paths and places to relax near fountains and other water features. It’s an ideal location due to its proximity to the many sights and sounds of Shinjuku, while being situated in a quiet, residential neighborhood.

Cherry blossom trees in Shinjuku Central Park. The buildings to the left are the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings. Image: iStock

Nishi Shinjuku Gochome Station offers plenty of conveniences, including a conbini (covenience store), Japanese bento shop, drug store, and and curry restaurant, all within a 5-min radius of the station.

Being right on the Oedo line means you can shoot directly to popular stations like Roppongi (which is a direct 13-min train ride away). Other major stops on the Oedo line include IidabashiKasuga, and Ryogoku.

You can also easily walk to JR Shinjuku Station, which gives you access to seven different rail lines and infinite shopping, dining, and entertainment options. From an in-depth guide to Shinjuku, please see: Shinjuku Area Guide

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#2 Akasaka

Beautifully renovated 2LDK apartment for sale in Akasaka. The listing agent for this property is RE/MAX Amistad. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Akasaka neighborhood.

Why Akasaka?

Akasaka is one of Tokyo’s most central upscale commercial and residential districts. Located in North Minato ward, this area is known for its expansive shopping, office, and entertainment complexes, like Tokyo MidTown and Ark Hills, but beautiful green spaces, including Hinokicho Park and Hikawa Shrine bring the neighborhood full circle as a highly desirable residential area.

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#3 Tamachi

Sunny spacious 1LDK apartment for sale near Tamachi Station. The building is conveniently located near three major stations (Mita Station and Shiba Koen Station). The listing agent for this property is EM Labo Co. Ltd. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Tamachi neighborhood.

Why Tamachi?

Tamachi is mainly a business district that is located in Minato Ward. Although it doesn’t have the same name recognition as its Minato ward peers like Roppongi, Azabu Juban, and Shirokane, it offers a very livable blend of chic-urban living and residential conveniences. With redevelpment going on nearby (the new Yamanote line station is one stop south of Tamachi), the area is expected to continue to draw increase on the livability scale.

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#4 Kachidoki

2LDK apartment for sale in the Harumi Terrace building in Kachidoki. The listing agent for this property is PLAZA HOMES. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Kachidoki neighborhood.

Why Kachidoki?

Located on a an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Kachidoki is a newer addition to Tokyo’s list of residential neighborhoods. Residents can enjoy a mix of modern conveniences (shopping malls, high-rise apartment complexes, beautiful waterfront parks) close to Tokyo’s commercial districts. As the area becomes more developed, an increasing number of families are moving to the area because of the family-friendly environment close to many amenities!

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#5 Akebonobashi

Whole apartment building for sale in Akebonobashi. The listing agent for this property is Mr.LAND Co. Ltd. Please click on the photo to see all available for sale properties in the Kachidoki neighborhood.

Why Akebonobashi?

Many foreigners (even long-time residents) have never heard of this upscale residential neighborhood on the Toei Shinjuku line, although it is just two stops direct to Shinjuku. Here you will find a very urban, albeit quiet residential vibe. You will find everything you need in the neighborhood in terms of a local supermarket, shopping street (shoutengai) and conbini, but if not, you will be within walking distance (about 2.2 kilometers) or a very short train ride to downtown Shinjuku. As for neighbors, Akebonobashi is the closest stop to the headquarters of Japan’s Ministry of Defense headquarters, so you can expect a safe, orderly environment.

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