Where foreigners are looking to buy homes outside Tokyo – October 2021 Edition

This month on Real Estate Japan, we’re continuing to see strong buyer interest in For Sale properties throughout the country.

The majority of searches and inquires are focused on Tokyo, but there are also many buyers searching in regional cities, especially in Osaka and Kyoto.

Here are the Top 3 places, other than Tokyo, receiving searches, views, and inquiries for For Sale properties:

  1. Kita Senri, Suita, Osaka
  2. Nagano prefecture
  3. Higashiyama, Kyoto

#1 Kita Senri — Suita-shi, Osaka

Station: Kita Senri is the northern terminal station on the Hankyu Senri line in Suita, Osaka.

Kita Senri is part of  Senri New Town, a spacious masterplanned community located in the northern suburbs of Osaka, spread out over the cities of Suita and Toyonaka. It was the first large-scale new town project developed in Japan, breaking ground in 1961.

Kita Senri is known for its highly livable environment, with wide streets abundant public spaces and and many parks.

Kita Senri is also located near Bampaku Kinen Koen (Bampaku Memorial Park), the site of the 1970 World Expo, the first world expo ever held in Japan. This is a vast 264-hectare park, forest, and flower gardens and many recreational areas.

Kita Senri is a very residential suburb but there is more than sufficient shopping near the station, including an AEON shopping mall. From Kita Senri, it is about a 31-min direct ride to Umeda Station in Osaka.

Please click here to see all properties for sale in Kita Senri.

This month, our featured property in Kita Senri is this spacious 101.42 m² 3LDK (3-bedroom) house. This is a brand new (2021) property with a list price of ¥42,220,000 ($371,000 USD). Please click on the photo for the full listing and to get in touch with the agent. Image: Remax Apex

#2 Nagano

Coming in at number two this month is Nagano prefecture. Nagano is located at the center of Honshu; the prefectural capital, the city of Nagano, is about 250-km from Tokyo.

People looking to buy property in Nagano are often in search of a vacation home or second home.

Karuizawa, an upscale mountain resort town at the base of Mount Asama, for example, is one of the more popular searches on Real Estate Japan for people looking for homes in Nagano.

Nagano is also home to world-class skiing, with Hakuba, perhaps being the most well-known resort.

On Real Estate Japan, our partner agents list a variety of properties in Nagano, including single-family vacation home-style properties in more well-known destinations like Karuizawa, but also in smaller towns and villages. You can also find whole-building type properties, including small hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns).

Please click here to see all properties for sale in Nagano.

This month, our featured property in Karuizawa is a beautiful 301.81 m² 2LDK (2-bedroom) home on a spacious 1,532.00 m² lot. Please click on the photo to see more photos and to inquire directly to the agent. Image: Tokyu Resort

#3 Higashiyama, Kyoto

At number three this month is Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto.

Higashiyama (literally “East Mountain”) is best known for the district by the same name, which is located on the lower slopes of the eastern mountains and is one of the city’s best preserved historic districts. The streets in Higashiyama are lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants which have been catering to tourists for hundreds of years.

Kyoto very often comes in top three lists of the most popular places for people looking to buy properties in Japan. On Real Estate Japan, our partner agents list both apartments and single-family homes, as well as renovated machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouses) and whole building properties.

This month, our featured for sale property in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto is this beautifully renovated 3LDK (3-bedroom) house near Toba Kaidou Station on the Keihan Main line. List price is ¥27,800,000 ($244,000 USD). Please click on the photo for more photos and to inquire directly to the agent. Image: Kurofune

Please click here to see all properties available for sale in Kyoto.

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