How to get rid of your things when you move out of your Japanese apartment

I recently moved out of the small 1K apartment I had been living in for over three years. Over the course of those three years I accumulated a lot of knick knacks and trash. And to be completely honest, I... More

4 rental apartment recommendations available in Tokyo right now! — May 2021

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The right timing for apartment hunting in Japan

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Japan’s expensive, mandatory shaken car inspections: My experience

I bought a car last summer and recently brought it in for “shaken,” (車検) the motor vehicle inspection required by the Japanese government every two to three years. Prior to buying a car I heard that Japanese people don’t often... More

Getting a PCR test in Japan: My Experience

I’ve had an ongoing fever for about a week now with only minor other symptoms, and while normally I wouldn’t be worried about something like that, being mid-pandemic introduced a new layer of anxiety. While the staff at the GaijinPot... More

3 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Furnishing Your Apartment in Japan

In Japan, January marks the start of the busy moving season as it’s a few months away from the start of the Japanese fiscal year on April 1st. However, moving usually peaks around mid-February to early April. Below are three... More

Moving to Japan after the travel ban is lifted? Here are 4 things to consider

On December 28th, a ban on new entry into the country was placed on most foreigners until the end of January. Shortly afterwards, on January 8th, the Japanese government implemented a state of emergency for the Tokyo metropolis, along with... More