3 Stations in Kanagawa You Should Consider Moving To

In today’s article we’ll be adding to our series introducing stations and areas in Kanto that might be worth considering moving to. You can also check out the features on why you should consider living in Chiba and why you should consider living in west Tokyo.

This time we head to Kanagawa prefecture just south of the Tokyo 23 wards. We’ll start closer to the center of Tokyo and move further out as we go along. 

Kawasaki Station

First, let’s look at Kawasaki Station in Kawasaki-shi. You’ve likely heard of Kawasaki either because of the motorcycle brand or the large mall in the city center, but have you ever thought about moving there? Kawasaki directly borders Tokyo to the south so the convenience is hard to beat. Being so convenient though it means that prices won’t be quite as good as areas deeper in Kanagawa, but they’re still very competitive with Tokyo.

Kawasaki Station, Google Maps screenshot

Right now we have a good amount of properties in the area, with a lot of them being 1R/1K right around the ¥60,000 range.

Right around ¥60,000 usually tends to be a sweet spot for a single person on a budget.

Even for those lower rent units, you’ll only be around a 10 minute walk from either JR Kawasaki Station or Keikyu-Kawasaki Station. From JR Kawasaki Station you can hop on the Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokaido Main Line, or Nambu Line. You have easy and fast access to both the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. You also have the option to take the Keikyu Main Line or Keikyu Daishi line, which can bring you further into Kanagawa or up into Tokyo. 

One of the 1R units we currently have available near Kawasaki Station. Image: SkyCourt Chintai

Of course, there’s a lot more to Kawasaki than just easy access to other places. At Kawasaki Station they have a huge LAZONA Mall. If you are a fan of American-style Chinese food, this mall has one of the few Panda Express locations in Japan. In the same area there’s also a large Yodobashi Camera, a Toho Movie theater, the Toshiba Science Museum, and multiple symphony halls. Considering the rent in the area, the convenience and access to tons of interesting things to do is likely second to none.

Click here to see properties currently available hear Kawasaki Station: Kawasaki apartments


Next, let’s move a bit south to the city of Yokohama itself. Central Yokohama and areas like Minato Mirai by the water are quite developed and very expensive, but there are still great places in Yokohama where you can live on a budget. One example would be the artsy neighborhood of Hinodecho, located next to the river. 

Hinodecho Station, Google Maps screenshot

Hinodecho has a much smaller feel than Kawasaki but still very lively and full of cafes and izakayas to discover. It’s located on the Keikyu Main Line as well so you have easy access to Kawasaki, along with Yokohama and Tokyo. One nice thing about Hinodecho is that it’s just a short ways away from Yokohama-shi Nogeyama Park, a nice park up on a hill that has views of the bay and city. And if you’re an animal lover, the park is also home to the Nogeyama zoo! If you’re looking for a laid back neighborhood, Hinodecho has it all. 

At the moment of this writing, in Hinodecho we have 12 units, all in the same building. Please click here to look at the listings. The best thing to point out about these units is that the building is only a 1 minute walk from the station! It’s really hard to get better than that. Plus, they’re all right around the ¥50,000 mark. That’s at least around a ¥10,000 savings minimum compared to even Kawasaki and you can still go to Kawasaki directly in just 20 minutes via the Keikyu Main Line.

We currently have 12 units available for this building, located just a 1-minute walk to Hinodecho Station.


Lastly, we’re heading west to the city of Sagamihara and looking at Sagamihara station. While not quite fully countryside level, Sagamihara certainly gets a little close. We actually get a lot of inquiries for properties in this area, which might lead you to wonder why such a random area is so popular. Well, it turns out Sagamihara is one of the most budget friendly areas we have. 

Sagamihara Station, Google Maps screenshot

Please click here to take a look at our listings in Sagamihara. A lot of them are right around the ¥30,000 mark, which is a huge discount even compared to Hinodecho. These aren’t tiny or low quality units either, they’re comparable to 1R/1K units in other areas. In terms of accessibility, you’ll be on the JR Yokohama Line which goes from west Tokyo in Hachioji to Yokohama. That means that this area isn’t as great if you’re working in the city center of Tokyo, but if you’re mainly operating in the aforementioned two areas you can save a lot of money by living here. It’s only 14 minutes over to Hachioji Station and 24 to Shin-Yokohama

On the south end of the station is the main shopping area. While it doesn’t quite compare to most other cities, you’ll have all of the basic stores you require and more. Essentially you’ll have nothing to worry about living in Sagamihara, though if you want a bit of excitement you might want to take the train out a little bit. If you have a bicycle or car you’re just a short distance away.

Pictured is one of our buildings in Sagamihara. Inquire on any of the listings to get in contact with us!

These were just three areas in Kanagawa, but of course there’s many more cities to explore. I didn’t even get the chance to mention Fujisawa or Yokosuka, both very popular with expats. If you didn’t quite find a listing above that interested you, definitely check out our Housing Service landing page where you can submit a general inquiry. We hope to hear from you soon!

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