Best 10 Things I Found at Daiso ¥100 Shop This Week

This week I went to Daiso to see what new things they had in stock. Daiso is one of Japan’s big ¥100 shop chains.

Even if you’re lucky and have one right in your neighborhood, it’s still fun to stop by frequently because the inventory changes a lot, often weekly! Daiso is also a good place to find seasonal items at bargain prices.

Here are the best ten items I found at Daiso this week. Let’s take a look at the list!

#1 Halloween goods

Halloween is very well celebrated in Japan, especially amongst the young crowd. Although we won’t be seeing flocks of people crowding Shibuya this year, Daiso has made it possible to enjoy the holiday at home.

Halloween goods display at Daiso. Photo: Cindy

Cute decorations to get yourself in the spirit. Photo: Cindy

Plastic pumpkins for trick-or-treating loot! Photo: Cindy

Easy, cute, cheap costumes. Photo: Cindy

Halloween party supplies. Photo: Cindy

#2 Specialized Cleaning Sheets

Daiso is very known for its cleaning goods. Luckily, there was a good variety to choose from at the store I went to!

A whole all of cleaning sheets. Photo: Cindy

Cleaning sheets for screen doors. Photo: Cindy

Cleaning sheets for tatami. Photo: Cindy

#3 Specialized cleaning brushes

Something that I found really useful was this set of super precise brushes for cleaning the areas around your sink. I think it can also be used for other hard-to-reach places as well!

Drain and sink cleaning brush for those hard to reach places! Photo: Cindy

#4 Masking tape for preventing mold

Another item that I’ve always wanted to get was this masking tape for preventing mold! The weather is getting cooler, so mold is something to look out for. As the packaging suggests, just sticking the tape onto crevices should be enough to keep dirt and moisture from building up. 

Mold-preventing masking tape. Photo: Cindy

#5 Drain nets and filters

There are lots of drainage nets/filters you can check out as well! People with long hair should know very well how troublesome it is to clean and unclog drains but luckily Daiso has that covered. I personally use a few of these and they’ve made cleaning a lot easier and faster!

Drain nets, hair nets in all shapes and sizes. Photo: Cindy

#6 Refrigerator mats

There were also mats for laying inside your refrigerator to keep the unit clean from spillage and other accidents that might happen. These products have English written on the front so I thought that was pretty helpful as well!

Refrigerator mats. Photo: Cindy

#7 Bag re-sealing caps

I seem to be into caps and clips and keeping stuff fresh because this product also caught my attention! Some people prefer to transfer their ingredients into completely new containers but I think that having resealable caps like this can make it easier and are cost effective in the long-term as well!

Caps for re-sealing bags. Genius! 🙂 Photo: Cindy

How to use caps for re-sealing bags. Photo: Cindy

#8 Faucet attachments

I think these are new products! Faucet filters are pretty pricey online so it’s a relief to see that Daiso has them in stock. I haven’t actually tried any of them yet, but it’s amazing to see that they carry so many. There was even one in a cute design, so I’m sure you’ll find something for your taste!

Faucet attachments for different functions: Filtering water, switching to shower function, enabling the faucet to swing! Photo: Cindy

Close-up of a filter attachment. Photo: Cindy

#9 Hooks

Again, something related to organizing your home–Daiso has a wide selection of hooks to choose from! Most of these are stick-ons so no need to worry about causing any damage to your walls if you’re renting a place!

Hooks, Photo: Cindy

Hook, Photo: Cindy

And more hooks at Daiso, Photo: Cindy

#10 Artificial Plants

If you’re too busy to raise actual plants or don’t have the best green thumb–perhaps artificial ones would be good to look into! There were a lot to choose from at the store I went to, so I’d presume there’d be even more if you went to a bigger location.

Artificial plants, Photo: Cindy

Artificial plants, Photo: Cindy

The quality was also surprisingly good for the price. It’s obviously not as good as the real thing, but I think it’s okay for decoration!

I hope this article was of help if you were thinking of revamping your kitchen or leveling up your cleaning tools. Do you have any recommendations from Daiso? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Article by Cindy

Cindy works for the GaijinPot Housing Service, helping foreigners find their home in Japan. She relocated to Japan after graduating from De La Salle University in the Philippines. Read Cindy’s self-intro to find out what brought her here!