Best places to live in Saitama — Our Top 3 Picks for This Month

Recently I did an article about three stations in Chiba to consider and another on living in west Tokyo, but this week I want to look just a bit further north at the prefecture of Saitama. Similar to Chiba, Saitama is popular with many people working in Tokyo who want more reasonable rent or a bigger place. It’s a huge area though, so it can be hard to figure out where to start looking. Below, I’ll discuss three potential stations that might be worth a look.

Nishi Kawaguchi Station

First, there’s Nishi-Kawaguchi Station located in Kawaguchi, Saitama. Kawaguchi directly borders Tokyo 23 Wards on the north side of the Arakawa River. From Nishi-Kawaguchi Station you’ll have access to the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, providing easy access into Tokyo without issue. To really drive in just how convenient this area is, it’s only a 21 minute train ride to Ueno without zero transfers.

As of the writing of this article, there’s around 30 one-bedroom apartments available around the station, ranging from ¥40,000-¥60,000 monthly. Click this link to see the full list: Nishi Kawaguchi apartments. Most of these properties are warm, clean spaces perfect for a single student or worker. Many are being listed by the Housing Service agent “SkyCourt,” known for their speed and efficiency.

Interior of a 1R apartment for rent near Nishi Kawaguchi Station. Please click on the photo to see all currently available apartments in Nishi Kawaguchi. Image: Real Estate Japan

On top of the convenience and pricing, there’s actually a surprising amount of shops and things to do in the area. Right at Nishi-Kawaguchi you have a Don Quixote for shopping, and on the east side of the station, there’s both a popular live house and a Red Lobster! If you’re from the United States, the Red Lobster is great when you want an American dining experience. I haven’t been to the Nishi-Kawaguchi location myself, but from the reviews it seems worth checking out. Then if you go south one station to the main Kawaguchi area, you can go to the large Ario mall or go for a walk at Kawaguchinishi Park.


Next, let’s go deeper into Saitama to Sakado Station. Sakado Station is the main station for Sakado City, and located a decent ways north-west of the 23 wards. Being so far out you’ll be looking at a longer commute, but if you’re working in the aforementioned north-west section of 23 wards, you’re actually looking at a solid travel time. From Sakado Station, you can take a 43 minute or so direct ride to Ikebukuro!

Right now our biggest draw in the area is larger properties for decent prices. For example, right now you can find a 55-square meter 3DK for around ¥78,000! Take a look at the floor plan below:

Floor plan of 55-square meter 3DK available now for rent for around ¥78,000. In the Tokyo 23-Wards, an apartment of comparable size and layout would be 1.5 to 2 times more.

As of the writing of this article, we have a few 2LDK options in the ¥60,000 range. Click here to see an updated list of apartments for rent near Sakado Station: Sakado apartments for rent. If you were to compare options of a similar size in popular areas of the 23 wards, you could potentially be looking at double or even triple the price!

Being further out, Sakado does not have as much to do or as many places to shop as Nishi-Kawaguchi, but if you’re looking for somewhere relaxed (but still convenient!) it’s a great option. The city has a lot of personality to it, which you can see clearly in the design of its main station.

Sakado is also home to the largest Taoist temple in Japan, called Xien Ten Gong. It’s a stunning temple to look at and another bright addition to the city. Many find walking around temples to be a calming experience, and it might be a good activity to do before/after work if you move to the area!


Lastly, moving back towards Tokyo, we have Tokorozawa Station in (unsurprisingly) Tokorozawa City. As of writing this article there are only 6 options across three buildings in the area, but all are solid picks. To see what’s available right now, please click: Tokorozawa apartments for rent. If you’re interested in tatami rooms, there are some one bedroom units in the ¥50,000 range worth checking out. Perhaps even better is a bright, sparkling 1R in the ¥40,000 range pictured below.

1R apartment for rent in Tokorozawa. Please click on the photo to see all available listings near Tokorozawa Station. Image: Real Estate Japan

One of the best aspects of Tokorozawa Station is that it has access to both the Seibu Shinjuku and Seibu Ikebukuro Lines. That means easy access to two of the most popular areas in Tokyo, along with everything in between. I’m talking less than 30 minutes direct to Ikebukuro, and right around 40 to Shinjuku. If you’re working anywhere on the west side of the 23 wards and want to keep rent low, this is hard to beat!

Tokorozawa is also on the more modern end compared to Sakado, which is something to keep in mind. While there’s less shopping options relative to Nishi-Kawaguchi, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for either. Right outside the west exit you have a mall with a ton of shops, and various other stores line the streets. There’s even a Godiva and Chanel shop in the area!

One cool place to check out in Tokorozawa is the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial park, which contains the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum and Tokorozawa Library. It’s quite a large park so it can be a great place to exercise, or if you’re currently a student you can stop by the library for a quiet study session. And of course if you like airplanes, the museum itself is great fun, and will be a place you can show friends when they visit. 

These are just three areas in Saitama that I think are worth checking out, but there are so many different cities in Saitama that I could introduce. Throughout the prefecture we currently have almost 150 properties in total. You can see the current list here: Apartments for rent in Saitama. If nothing above interested you, maybe you can find a hidden gem on the list! Once you find the right unit, don’t forget to inquire on the listing page to get in touch with us.

By Nathan

Nathan works for the GaijinPot Housing Service, helping foreigners find their home in Japan. He’s American and has lived in Japan for about three years. Read Nathan’s self-intro to find out what brought him here!

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Lead image: Tokorozawa Sakura-Town, which opened in July 2020, consists of a cultural facility, accommodations, a book production and distribution plant and the publisher’s office. Highlights include an anime hotel, a Kadokawa company cafeteria accessible to the public, and a museum designed Kengo Kuma. Image via iStock