Buying Southeast Asian Foods and Ingredients in Tokyo — Asia Yaosho in Kabukicho

Tucked away in the heart of Kabukicho is Asia Yaosho, a quaint market carrying Southeast Asian food products. A quick Google search leads to a website supporting online orders. It lists its main location as Kinshicho, but I came to know of their Kabukicho store first.

Asia Yaosho interior, photo: Cindy

Canned and preserved foods, photo: Cindy

This particular store does not carry a huge inventory like your regular grocery would, but I think they have enough to satisfy your cravings!

Snacks and foods from the Philippines, photo: Cindy

I found a few nostalgic treats right by the entrance. If you’ve ever wanted to relive (or at least replicate!) the experience of drinking while munching on snacks from the Philippines and other Asian countries, Asia Yaosho’s got you covered.

Dried lentils, mung beans, curry ingredients, and teas, photo: Cindy

Seasonings, flavor packs, and sauces for Thai and Vietnamese dishes, include pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). Photo: Cindy

Sauces, curry bases, and preserved foods. Photo: Cindy

Dried nuts, fruits, rice paper, different kinds of rice, and sunflower oil. Photo: Cindy

Besides snacks, they of course had different seasonings and ingredients for cooking too. I did not have enough time to go and look through all of them, but I’m sure you’re bound to find something to complete or add the finishing touch to your recipe!

Sanitary products from the Philippines, photo: Cindy

More sanitary products from the Philippines, photo: Cindy

I also found it interesting that they carried various sanitary products from home. I came at an awkward time late in the afternoon so most of them were sold out, but I assume they must be popular since most of the shelves were empty. If you’re looking for that one particular soap or shampoo, then Asia Yaosho might have it in stock for you!

Refrigerated foods and drinks, photo: Cindy

Lastly, they also had fresh vegetables and drinks in store. I myself have bought a few beers from here, and it’s nice to taste something familiar every once in a while! The refrigerators at the near the entrance (furthest in photo) also had ice cream and popular chain store food. Since we can’t really travel home at this time, eating something familiar might be a good way to stave off homesickness… Is what I think!

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Article by Cindy

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Lead photo: Asia Yaosho storefront in Kabukicho, photo by Cindy

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