GaijinPot Housing Service FAQs: Why It’s the Easiest Way to Rent a Home in Japan!

If you’ve spent any time searching for apartments on Real Estate Japan or GaijinPot Apartments, odds are you’ve come across a GaijinPot Housing Service property, perhaps without even noticing.

Below we answer FAQs about the GaijinPot Housing Service!

Q: What exactly is the GaijinPot Housing Service?

We are a comprehensive subleasing service aimed at English-speaking foreigners that can help you get an apartment before your move to Japan, or help you relocate if you’re already here!

Q: How does the service work?

We partner with Japanese real estate agencies and property management companies who want to lease their properties to foreigners, but don’t have the language skills or knowledge to do so. Our bilingual team bridges the gap and allows these companies to reach new potential tenants, and foreigners to have access to more options.

Q: What makes the GaijinPot Housing Service different?

Rather than going through the complicated process of finding a guarantor, our company will rent the property, then sublease it to you.

What that means is your approval is decided by our team of foreigners who have also gone through the struggle of finding housing in Japan. And of course, everything can be handled in English!

This also means that you don’t need a guarantor to rent an apartment through our service.

You can apply from overseas!

If you’re moving to Japan from overseas and are now trying to contact real estate agents in Japan for help, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to do so when you’re not actually in the country. This has a lot to do with the language barrier and also the peculiarities of the Japanese real estate industry.

However, with the GaijinPot Housing Service, you can apply from overseas. We can help arrange everything so that you can pick up your keys and move in right after you arrive.

If you need help with minor repairs after moving in…

Even after moving in, our team will continue to offer you support. Included in your subleasing fees is renter’s insurance in case anything major goes wrong. For smaller things like repairs or general questions, you can always contact our team by phone or email for help. If you move into an apartment in Japan and need a repair, you’ll first have to find the number for the property management company, then call them in Japanese… With us, you can just send us an email describing your problem, and after a bit of discussion we can arrange a repair appointment on your behalf. 

We’ll help you get utilities set up

We also handle settling up your utilities, another annoyance when getting set up. In particular if you’re moving to Japan for the first time from overseas, you can save a lot of stress knowing you’ll have water and electricity right away.

Furniture rental for properties in the Kanto region

For our properties in the Kanto region (which includes Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa), you also have the option of arranging a custom furnishing plan. If you’re worried about having a bed and appliances on day one, we can help plan it out so that they arrive shortly after you get to your apartment. Our furniture partner will even help set it all up!

Q: Sounds great! How do I get more info?

If you are interested in more information or want to see what kind of properties we offer, we have two main options.

First, you can send a general inquiry here and our staff will help you look for something suitable.

The second option is to go to the For Rent listings on our site and search by checking the GaijinPot Housing Service tick box.

As long as the box is checked, everything that comes back to you should be available through us. We hope to be able to help as many of you as possible find a new home!

Q: I found a great apartment in your listings, but it says the lease term is two years. Can I rent it for just two weeks?

We generally ask that you plan on at least a 6 month stay in the apartment, and in turn have at least a 6 month visa. Most of our properties are on two year leases, but it’s no problem if you’re only looking to stay between 6-12 months! As long as you provide enough notice (usually 33 days) you can terminate your contract early. Certain agencies we work with have penalty fees for terminating in under a year, but we also have agencies that have no penalty! That means we can try to find the perfect fit based on your plans.

Q: I plan to come to Japan this fall. Can I apply for an apartment now through the Housing Service?

Overseas applications are welcome, but the timeline for renting apartments in Japan is a lot shorter than in many other countries. Most landlords will not accept an application unless you are ready to start your lease in the following 2-3 weeks, so it is actually best to hold off on a serious search until about a month out from when you’ll be moving. If you start your search too early, even if you find the perfect apartment, you’ll end up with two possible scenarios: 1. Risk someone taking the apartment you like while you wait until you can apply or 2. Have to start your lease earlier than you’d like.

For more information

Please contact the GaijinPot Housing Service team if you would like more information about the service!