Japan Room Finder Staff Intro: Cindy from the Philippines

Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a Japan Room Finder staff member working in Tokyo. I relocated to Japan after graduating from De La Salle University in the Philippines.

Growing up I have always had an interest in Japanese culture, first starting with anime and manga, then eventually transitioning to idols. After being into idols for most of high school, I dreamed of studying in Japan as a goal for university.

At Sophia University

In my junior year in university, I went on an exchange program to Sophia University. It was there that I progressed in my language studies and decided that working in Japan would be my next goal. After completing my exchange program, I returned home, slaved away to finish my thesis, and graduated. Soon after, I received a job offer and took a half-gap year before flying to Tokyo once more.

Life in Tokyo, photos: Cindy

My first job was at a media company that was focused on services for women. Being constantly surrounded by people extremely aware of their appearance made me come to like beauty and fashion much more. I realized that despite having a wealth of information, most Japanese products and media did not have English translations or active discussion forums for sharing reviews and opinions.

Along with my strong passion for house hunting, I hope to write articles for women, men, and non-binary people who have an interest in beauty and fashion. Hopefully through my articles, someone can be inspired to try out something new as well! よろしくお願いします。

The Japan Room Finder is a subleasing service for English-speaking foreigners. We’ll help you get an apartment before your move to Japan, or help you relocate if you’re already here. Please contact the Japan Room Finder team if you would like more information about our service!

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