Japan Room Finder Staff Intro: Nathan from the U.S.

Hi, my name is Nathan and welcome to our Japan Room Finder blog! I’ve been working at GPlusMedia for the Japan Room Finder for just over two years now, and we’ve decided to start a blog of our own. What we’ll be aiming to do with this blog is focus on basic daily life stuff. If you’re living overseas and considering a move to Japan, we hope to show you what it’s really like to live and work over here!

To get started, I figure it would be good idea to talk a little bit about myself. I’m an American and moved to Japan a bit over three years ago, starting as an English teacher. I worked at one of the big eikaiwa for about half a year (it’s one of the ones you’re thinking of right now, I promise) and then moved onto an international pre-school for another half a year. Both were mostly good experiences, but English teaching was never my long term goal. 

My Facebook status I made after getting my certificate of eligibility for going to Japan that popped up recently on my “On this Day.” Simpler times…

While I personally was not a huge fan of English teaching, there is a huge plus that a lot of people don’t think about. You have A LOT of free time. And while a good amount of that free time was spent watching anime or playing video games, certainly a lot was spent studying Japanese as well. Leveraging my newfound knowledge, I applied for a job at Real Estate Japan (before it got merged into GPlusMedia officially) and was hired.

Currently, I mostly work directly with people who are looking for apartments. The bulk of the work is trying to find apartments that match a user’s preferences, then arranging room views and price quotes, and hopefully an application to move in. Once someone applies, I also do a lot of the screening to determine whether or not a person will be approved. And now, I’m delving into writing articles!

I do not really have any formal writing experience (obviously), but hopefully I’ll be able to provide some degree of entertainment to anyone who takes the time to read these. I’m very much an indoors type and plan to do a lot of content about media in Japan. The conbini is also a place where I am known to haunt, so if you’re interested in the latest snacks and drinks keep your eyes peeled here. We’ve posted a few other articles to coincide with the launch of this new blog, so check those out if you haven’t already!

Japan Room Finder is a subleasing service for English-speaking foreigners. We’ll help you get an apartment before your move to Japan, or help you relocate if you’re already here. Please contact the Japan Room Finder team if you would like more information about our service!

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