Guide to essential home cleaning products in Japan

As we’re nearing September, a lot of people might be considering a move. There are a lot of things to take care of, like settling bills and official documents, but most people seem to forego cleaning!

While properties are generally cleaned before move-in, it is highly recommended that you do some cleaning yourself. Even if you don’t end up cleaning before you move in, it’s always useful to have something in stock for when you have to.

Here are four products I recommend for making sure your new place is as clean as can be before you move out.

1. Anti-mold cleaning agents

Kabi Killer


There are a lot of products that can prevent mold, but I recommend getting Kabi Killer for an all-purpose spray. It effectively removes black and pink mold buildup in five minutes. This helps a lot with stubborn stains that won’t come off just scrubbing with a sponge.

Rukku Ofuro no Boukabi-kun Kemurizai


Rukku Ofuro no Boukabi-kun Kemurizai is also a product I see often. You just leave it in your bathroom, pop the cap off and leave it for 90 minutes once it starts spewing smoke. You can continue using your bathroom like normal after. It’s recommended that you repeat this process every two months or so to keep mold from growing. 

2. Utamaro cleaner – All-purpose cleaner


A personal favorite! The Utamaro Cleaner is a pH neutral detergent that can be used for cleaning most surfaces. It’s pretty popular on social media as well.

I’ve cleaned my windows, stove, the insides of my microwave and refrigerator, and bathroom using it. I think you can easily clean your entire apartment with this and a sponge without much trouble!

3. Haita – Bleach


There are many types of Haita for cleaning different areas of the household. From the left, there’s bleach for clothes, the kitchen, and toilet.

Bleach is used for clothes, while Kitchen Haita can  be used for cleaning your chopping board, towels, plates, and cutlery.

No matter the purpose, it is recommended that you dilute Haita in water before using it directly on the items you want cleaned. Another method for using it would be to soak items in it for 30 minutes to make sure that most stains are removed.

4. Cleaning wipes


Before settling into your new home, it might be best to purchase cleaning wipes for specific parts of the household.

Quickle Wiper (left image above) is useful for making sure your floor is cleaned before and after unpacking. Its uniquely patterned disposable sheets assure that most dust and dirt are caught before throwing.

The LEC ‘Gekiochi’ cleaning sheets (right image above) come in a variety of purposes, for different areas of the house like Haita. They’re also handy when you want things cleaned instantly.

I hope this article was of help to you! If you have any more suggestions, let’s discuss them in the comments section below.


Cindy works for the Japan Room Finder, helping foreigners find their home in Japan. She relocated to Japan after graduating from De La Salle University in the Philippines. Read Cindy’s self-intro to find out what brought her here!

Lead photo: Stock image via iStock

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