Moving to Japan after the travel ban is lifted? Here are 4 things to consider

On December 28th, a ban on new entry into the country was placed on most foreigners until the end of January. Shortly afterwards, on January 8th, the Japanese government implemented a state of emergency for the Tokyo metropolis, along with... More

Living in Japan

My Experience Going to the Dentist in Japan: 4 Things I Learned

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My December This Year in Tokyo

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The Struggle of Moving Around New Years in Japan

December is traditionally a great time to move in Japan, as competition is low and discounts are likely. However, that comes with one big caveat… The closer you get to the new year, the tighter the time frame becomes. In... More

5 Apartments Ideal for Commuting to Temple University

Having worked in the GaijinPot Housing Service for a little over a year now, I’ve come to know of the usual areas people tend to go for. For students coming in from abroad or furthering their studies locally, one of... More

3 Stations in Kanagawa You Should Consider Moving To

In today’s article we’ll be adding to our series introducing stations and areas in Kanto that might be worth considering moving to. You can also check out the features on why you should consider living in Chiba and why you... More

How I Dealt With my Noisy Neighbors in Japan (Kind of)

The Olympics are coming up next year and if there was a category for being the noisiest neighbors, I think mine would be in the running for the gold. I forget exactly when they moved in, but it was sometime... More