Living in Japan

My Experience Going to the Dentist in Japan: 4 Things I Learned

Despite the eternal COVID-19 purgatory that we have all been living in, I wanted to keep my spirits up during this holiday season. What says “holidays” more than, “being forced to go to the dentist for the first time in... More

My December This Year in Tokyo

The year is finally coming to an end! I was thinking about what to write for my last article of 2020 and thought “looking back at what I did this month” would be a fitting way to wrap things up.... More

The Struggle of Moving Around New Years in Japan

December is traditionally a great time to move in Japan, as competition is low and discounts are likely. However, that comes with one big caveat… The closer you get to the new year, the tighter the time frame becomes. In... More

How I Dealt With my Noisy Neighbors in Japan (Kind of)

The Olympics are coming up next year and if there was a category for being the noisiest neighbors, I think mine would be in the running for the gold. I forget exactly when they moved in, but it was sometime... More

3 Things You Can Find at a Japanese 7-Eleven and 2 Things You Can’t

There’s a lot of convenience stores in Japan but 7-Eleven is definitely my favorite of them all. Although the actual stores themselves tend to be on the older side compared to other convenience stores, they can’t be beat in terms... More

Top 5 unrealistic expectations about finding an apartment in Japan

Speaking to apartment hunters and real estate agents everyday, I’ve noticed that there are a few common misconceptions people have about moving in Japan. Below are the five that I see most often. Please give it a read so you’ll... More

Buying Southeast Asian Foods and Ingredients in Tokyo — Asia Yaosho in Kabukicho

Tucked away in the heart of Kabukicho is Asia Yaosho, a quaint market carrying Southeast Asian food products. A quick Google search leads to a website supporting online orders. It lists its main location as Kinshicho, but I came to... More