What It’s Like Now to Renew Your Visa at the Immigration Office in Chiba

Late last week, I finally went to renew my visa. Although not my first time doing a renewal, I had a lot of anxiety going into it. The biggest reason for my anxiety was that my visa had technically expired.... More

8 Features of Japanese Apartments That You Might Not Expect

I used to (and still do!) dream about finding the perfect apartment in Japan. Before moving to Japan, I became addicted to Shiawase! Bonbi Girl and watched it religiously for my future apartment search. It is a variety show focusing... More

Why you need a VPN living in Japan

There’s a lot of things you need to think about before moving to Japan, like how you’re going to find an apartment, how to set up a bank account, how to get your first cell phone plan, and so on.... More

Housing Service Blog

A Week in My Life in Tokyo: Cindy From the Phillipines

Today we decided to start a staff blog for the Housing Service to make people more aware of what we do. Upon thinking of what to write, Nathan and I decided that sharing our thoughts would be best. There are... More

GaijinPot Housing Service Blog

How working from home is different in Japan

If you’ve researched living in Japan you’ve probably heard about how tiny apartments are here, and if you already live here you probably have experience living in said tiny apartments. You might even be reading this in one! I know... More

GaijinPot Housing Service FAQs: Why It’s the Easiest Way to Rent a Home in Japan!

If you’ve spent any time searching for apartments on Real Estate Japan or GaijinPot Apartments, odds are you’ve come across a GaijinPot Housing Service property, perhaps without even noticing. Below we answer FAQs about the GaijinPot Housing Service! Q: What... More

GaijinPot Housing Service Staff Intro: Nathan from the U.S.

Hi, my name is Nathan and welcome to our new Housing Service blog! I’ve been working at GPlusMedia for the Housing Service for just over two years now, and we’ve decided to start a blog of our own. What we’ll... More