This Week’s Featured 5: What can you rent in Shinjuku in your budget?

Shinjuku is the world’s busiest railway station. It is well-connected to eleven train lines, and is practically accessible from any point in the city. It’s also one of the most popular destinations we have for tenants seeking housing in Tokyo!

For my article this week, I’d like to to introduce five great Housing Service properties in Shinjuku at various points to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of rent levels in the Shinjuku area. By “Shinjuku” I mean the surrounding neighborhoods, such as Kita Shinjuku, Ochiai, and Ichigaya, as well.

1K Apartment in Kita Shinjuku – 15-min walk or less to 3 Stations!


  • Comes with an IH cooking range and space for a mini refrigerator! Because of its close proximity and compact space, this might be perfect for students or people on the go, who want the ease of access to Shinjuku!
  • Sunny 3rd-floor unit
  • No key money
  • 3 convenience stores, 2 supermarkets nearby
  • Easy walking distance to 3-stations
  • Higashinakano Station (JR Chūō-Sōbu Line) – 6-min walk
    Okubo Station (JR Chūō-Sōbu Line) – 11-min walk
    Nishi-shinjuku Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi) – 15-min walk

Apartment for rent in Kita Shinjuku. Please click on the photo for the full listing and to inquire to the GaijinPot Housing Service for more info about this property.

1K in Shinjuku – 2-burner gas stove, built in 2004


  • 5 minute walk to Higashi Shinjuku Station on the Toei Ōedo Line, 9 minute walk to Shinjuku Station
  • If you feel like Higashi Nakano is too far, here’s an option that is only a few minutes’ walk away from Shinjuku Station! It comes with a two burner gas stove, and has bath and toilet separate as well, so this might be a better option for people who’d like to live more conveniently while not giving up the close distance to Shinjuku!
  • This is an exclusive listing by Skycourt Chintai Center K.K. and is serviced exclusively in English by the GaijinPot Housing Service.

1K apartment for rent in Shinjuku. Please click on the photo for the full listing and to inquire directly to the Housing Service for a room view!

1K in Nakaochiai – Brand new (2020) – Rare find!


  • No key money
  • 6 minute walk to Nakai Station, 10 minutes direct to Seibu Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line
  • Brand new, Built in 2020! Comes with a video intercom, home delivery box, two burner gas stove, and clean white interiors. This is quite a rare find as we don’t usually get brand new listings, so it might be best to grab this chance and schedule a viewing!

Brand new (2020) apartment for rent in Naka Ochiai. Super clean, white interior. Be the first to move in! Please click on the photo to see the full listing and to inquire directly to the GaijinPot Housing Service about this property!

1LDK in Kamiochiai – Spacious system kitchen!


  • 2 minute walk to Shimoochiai Station, 5 minutes direct to Seibu Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line and 7 minute walk to Shinjuku Station
  • Super spacious 38.95-sqm!
  • For people wanting space and willing to raise their budget, this 1LDK might be a good option for you! It comes with a video intercom, spacious kitchen, separate bath and toilet, and a roomy bedroom with a large cabinet as well!

A spacious, modern system kitchen is an awesome of this 1LDK apartment for rent in Kami Ochiai. Please click on the photo for more info and to inquire to the GaijinPot Housing Service!

2LDK apartment in Ichigaya Honmuracho – Perfect for a small family or if you want a lot of space to yourself!

  • 5 minute to Ichigaya Station, 14 minutes direct to Shinjuku Station on the JR Chūō-Sōbu Line
  • Top-floor apartment
  • Spacious 53.10 m² living space
  • There are two bedrooms in this all-white property so it may be ideal for a small family, couple, or someone who’s looking for space for a storage room. It’s also on the topmost floor of the building it’s in, so it’s sure to offer gorgeous views of the city as well!

Spacious bathroom in this 2LDK apartment! Please click on the photo for the full listing and to inquire directly to the GaijinPot Housing Service for more info on this property!

GaijinPot Housing Service

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Bilingual support. Credit card payment. No guarantor required. Apply from overseas and have your place set up before you arrive. This service makes it easy to rent your home in Japan! Check out more information in this FAQ written by the GaijinPot Housing Service team!

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Article by Cindy

Cindy works for the GaijinPot Housing Service, helping foreigners find their home in Japan. She relocated to Japan after graduating from De La Salle University in the Philippines. Read Cindy’s self-intro to find out what brought her here!