7 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Home in Japan

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Budget Rentals

What can you rent in Tokyo for $500 this week?

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Getting a Home Loan in Japan as a Foreigner

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MUJI Launches Tiny Minimalist Hut: A 9.1-sqm Place to Call Your Own

MUJI, the retailer of sleek household products and consumer goods, has announced plans to sell a tiny pre-fab wood and reinforced concrete hut with interior dimensions of just 9.1-sqm (97.9-sqft), tapping into the growing trend in Japan for tiny, minimalist... More

Living in Japan

The Other Hidden Costs of Living in a Japanese Apartment

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Tokyo Places Names

Guide to Reading Tokyo Place Names: How to Read Numbers in Names

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How to Read a Japanese Address

The Japanese address system is based on geographic entities and areas, rather than on a building’s location on a specific street, which is the case in many western countries. In fact, except for Kyoto and Sapporo, an address in Japan... More