How the 10-Day Golden Week Holiday Will Affect Your Daily Life in Japan

Japan will have a a historic 10-day Golden Week holiday (from April 27th to May 6th) to celebrate the abdication of the current emperor and the accession of his successor. Emperor Akihito of Japan is set to abdicate on April 30,... More

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How I Switched from a Student Visa to a Designated Activities Visa: And Found a Job in Japan

Congratulations! You’ve diligently put in your time, passed your exams and are about to graduate from a Japanese university with degree in hand. Now you’re ready to start “real life”! Unfortunately, your student visa is about to expire and you... More

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What is the average electricity bill in Japan? And does your bill peak in the winter?

In this article, we cover the average electricity bill in Japan by month and household size. And go over a few tips for how to lower your winter electricity bill. This article is part of the series on “how to... More

Top 5 Reasons Rental Applications Are Rejected by Landlords in Japan

In this article, we discuss the main reasons why landlords in Japan reject applications from potential tenants. And how you can improve your chances of getting the apartment you want. #1 If you’re a foreigner….housing discrimination Let’s deal with this... More

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Getting a Cell Phone in Japan: SoftBank Price Plans Explained

This article explains SoftBank’s cell phone pricing plans as of February 2019. There are three major carriers in Japan: SoftBank, NTT Docomo, and au(KDDI). As discussed in this post, mobile phone price plans in Japan will likely drop in 2019,... More

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First Snowfall of 2019 in Tokyo Expected Today: Here are Some Tips for Getting Around

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) forecasts that a wide swath of the Kanto region, including Tokyo, will see snowfall today, due to the effects of a low-pressure system and low temperatures. Tokyo’s 23 Wards is forecast to get 5-cm (2-inches)... More

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What would make your life easier in Japan? Take the survey and let us know!

How easy is it living in Japan as a foreigner? In 2006, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs requested that local authorities take active steps to set up support services or foreign residents, as the number of foreign residents was already... More