Japan to Allow Foreign Specified Skilled Workers in 14 Fields to Stay Indefinitely, Starting in 2022

Facing severe labor shortages in many industries, the Immigration Services Agency of Japan plans to allow all foreign skilled workers who qualify for the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa to stay indefinitely in the country, starting in 2022. This is according... More

Japan to reopen borders on Nov 8th to business people, students but not tourists

The Japanese government announced on Friday, November 5th, that it will start easing coronavirus-related border measures starting on November 8th, with a focus on allowing business people into the country in order to normalize the economy. In January this year,... More

Japan to consider allowing entry of business people, students within the month but tourists excluded

The Japanese government is considering easing coronavirus-related border controls within the month. The Nikkei newspaper reports that the government may announce the policy change as early as this week, with implementation to begin in November to allow foreign business people... More

What is the average rent in Sapporo?

The average rent for the city of Sapporo is ¥56,841 ($499 USD). However, average rent varies widely by the size and location of the property, among many other factors. Average rent in Sapporo by room layout Sapporo 1R 1K・1DK 1LDK・2K・2DK... More

I’m coming to Japan to study, help me find an apartment: Commuting to Suidobashi

In this installment of the “study here, live here” series, we feature neighborhoods that offer a great balance of short commute time to Suidobashi as well as high livability and affordable rent. In the last segment, we covered Yoyogi. Please click here... More

Proof of Vaccination Apps in Japan Coming Soon: Tokyo App to Offer Restaurant Coupons

With over 70 percent of the population of Japan now vaccinated, the government of Japan plans to launch a smartphone app in December for people to use as proof of COVID-19 vaccination. However, some cities and prefectures will launch their... More

Unable to enter Japan, with Certificate of Eligibility in Hand: October 2021 Update

As of October 1st, about 370,000 foreigners have not been able to enter Japan due to border measures meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, even though they have been issued Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) from the Immigration Services... More