Japan Plans to Allow Olympic Spectators Freedom of Movement, Use Contact Tracing App: Model for Future Visitors to Japan

Japan plans to accept foreign visitors on a large scale and allow them to use public transportation, while taking measures to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next summer. According to a... More

Japan considering allowing inbound immigrants to use public transportation, may introduce dedicated train

Japan is considering easing the requirement that inbound travelers to Japan not use public transportation and may introduce a dedicated train that allows people to transit from international airports. The current policy requires people entering Japan, regardless of nationality, to... More

8 best things I found at a 300 yen shop this week

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What you can find at the recently opened Tokorozawa Sakura Town!

Tokorozawa Sakura Town was actually scheduled to open earlier this year, but the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the opening being pushed back to earlier this month. But what exactly is this curiously shaped structure and how do... More

Investing in Japanese Contemporary Art: Interview with TriCERA

Real Estate Japan recently conducted an email interview with Ms. Chiho Igarashi from TriCERA, an e-commerce platform and art advisory that connects Japanese artists with a worldwide audience. Ms. Igarashi answered readers’ questions on investing in contemporary Japanese art and... More

Appliances for heating your home in Japan — What retailers are selling this year

With fall (and soon to follow, winter) in full force across Japan, it might be time to think about how you will stay warm and toasty indoors this year. There are some options for staying at a comfortable temperature in... More

How the JR East Rail Pass Saved Me ¥30,000

Non-Japanese residents of Japan have long been secretly jealous of the famed JR Rail Pass that is available to tourists, but not residents. Tourists have been able to take advantage of this deal (¥44,810 for a 7 day pass, more... More