No Key Money Apartments in Tokyo Are Not Hard to Find

Key money (reikin, 礼金) is often cited as one of the most peculiar and frustrating aspects of renting an apartment in Japan. In this article we explain why it is, in fact, not difficult to find a “no key money”... More

Living in Japan

Getting Permanent Residence in Japan: New Rules Announced

The Japanese Ministry of Justice has decided that it is going to amend the rules for becoming a permanent resident in Japan to allow foreigners to apply for permanent residence after as little as one year in Japan. These rules... More

Know Your Japanese Condominium: Common Use Areas v. Private Areas

By Jeff Wynkoop When buying a Japanese condominium, purchasers expect they are going to have to pay monthly fees to the Homeowners’ Association (管理組合 kanri kumiai). But one thing they are often surprised by is how common use areas (共用部分... More


Japan’s Ministry of Land Wants Your Opinion on the Japanese Real Estate Market

Real Estate Japan has been tasked by Japan’s Ministry of Land to conduct the following survey on behalf of the Ministry. The purpose of this survey is to gather information and data on the areas in which non-Japanese may have... More

Building Your Own Home

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Japan?

By Jeff Wynkoop If you want to build a house in Japan you will be faced with a lot of decisions. For most people, the most time-consuming issue is finding and acquiring the rights to a suitable parcel of land in the... More

Tokyo’s Smallest Studio Apartments

There is a stereotype of Japan as a nation of workaholics who labor all day, only to come home to tiny, cramped apartments at night. Since we primarily cover the property market on Real Estate Japan, we won’t go into the first... More

Tokyo Re-Development

Shinagawa New Station on the Yamanote Line: Images Revealed

East Japan Railway Company has released details and images of the new station that is scheduled to be built between the current Shinagawa and Tamachi Stations on the JR Yamanote line in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The new... More