Japan’s expensive, mandatory shaken car inspections: My experience

I bought a car last summer and recently brought it in for “shaken,” (車検) the motor vehicle inspection required by the Japanese government every two to three years. Prior to buying a car I heard that Japanese people don’t often... More

How Employment and Consumer Rules Will Change in Japan Starting April 1st

Starting April 1st, with the start of the new fiscal and legislative year, a number of new laws and regulations will come into effect that will impact employment and consumer rules for people throughout Japan. Below we summarize the key... More

Are you thinking of moving outside Tokyo and if so, where? — Survey asks Tokyo residents

A survey conducted by Recruit, a Japanese human resources company, recently asked over 10,000 Tokyo residents whether they were considering moving outside of Tokyo amidst the COVID pandemic and if so, where. The survey was conducted from January 29th to... More

2020 Japan National Seismic Map – Check the probability of an earthquake occurring where you live

Japan’s Earthquake Research Committee has released the 2020 seismic hazard map for the country, which shows the probabilities of an earthquake measuring at least a lower six, for geographic points throughout Japan. A “lower six” is the third-highest level on... More

Best places to live in Kansai – 2021 Survey

These neighborhoods were chosen as the best three places to live in the Kansai area, based on a recent survey of locals, conducted by SUUMO, a Japanese real estate listing site. Kansai is the region in western Japan that includes... More

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Central Tokyo – Tied for Earliest Ever in Observation History

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) announced on the afternoon of March 14th that it observed cherry blossoms blooming in central Tokyo, 12 days earlier than the average, and tied with 2020 for the earliest ever recorded in observation history. The... More

How to Get a Coronavirus Vaccine in Japan: What You Need to Know

We summarize the currently available information on when you can expect to get a coronavirus vaccine in Japan and the process for getting a shot once you receive your vaccination ticket. Who can get a vaccine? The government will provide... More