Best Places to Live

Best Places to Live in Tokyo: 2018 Survey

Here are the most desirable places to live in greater Tokyo, according to a recent survey of locals conducted earlier this year by SUUMO. The survey asked local residents to name the best places to live in greater Tokyo, which... More

1R, 1K, 1DK, 1LDK Apartment: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Rent?

When you are looking at apartment listings in Japan, rather than being told the number of bedrooms the property has, you’ll come across these terms: 1R, 1K, 1DK, and 1LDK. These abbreviations tell you how many rooms in total the... More

9 Cool Design Ideas for a Japanese-Style Room

In this installment in our series on how to live in a Japanese apartment, we give a few ideas for how to decorate and efficiently use a Japanese-style room. A Japanese-style room is a room that is covered in tatami... More

70-Story Wooden Skyscraper Planned for Central Tokyo

Sumitomo Forestry Co. Ltd. has announced that it plans to build a 70-story 350-meter mixed-use skyscraper in Marunouchi, a central Tokyo business district, by the year 2041. No commercial wooden building taller than 7-stories has been planned for Japan, until... More

Snow Day in Tokyo: 5 Tips for Getting Around

The biggest snow storm in four years slammed Tokyo yesterday, taking a few residents by surprise and creating a nightmarish experience for many of the capital region’s millions of commuters. Many trains in Tokyo are still delayed this morning. According... More

Cost of Living in Japan: Household Survey

In this article, we take a look at the average cost of living for a family in Japan. The data below comes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication’s just released nationwide survey on household expenditures for 2016 (in... More

8 Ways to Heat Your Home in Japan

In this chapter in our series on how to live in a Japanese apartment, we discuss different options for heating your home and how they compare in terms of energy efficiency. Air Conditioner (Aircon) Many rental apartments in Japan come... More