8 best things I found at a 300 yen shop this week

You might be familiar with 100 yen stores in Japan, which are a great resource for picking up odds and ends. Our own GaijinPot Housing Service staff recently took a look at what you can find in a Daiso 100 yen store, read the full article here to find her top 10 picks from her visit!

To expand on this topic of taking our readers on a virtual shopping trip, today I decided to take a trip to the bigger brother to the 100 yen store: the 300 yen store! In particular, I went to a 3 Coins shop; you can find locations all across Tokyo.

#1 Seasonal decorations

It’s that time of the year again! Even with all that’s happened this year, there’s no stopping Saint Nick. If you’re looking for a little Christmas cheer at home (or maybe even in the office) a 300 yen store will have a good amount of decorations to choose from.

Pick up decorations for your apartment at a 300 yen store! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#2 Compression bag for clothes

The changing of the seasons brings about a change in clothes as well! If you’re putting away your summer clothes, you might find a compression bag to be helpful for staying organized. Fun fact, there’s a word in Japanese that refers to the seasonal change of clothes: 衣替え (koromogae).

These compression bags are perfect for switching from your summer wardrobe to your winter wardrobe (and vice versa)! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#3 Eco bag

With retailers starting to charge for plastic bags as of July 2020, you might want to consider bringing your own bag around just in case. A lightweight, foldable bag like these are perfect for keeping tucked in a backpack just on the off-chance you remember to pick something up from the supermarket.

Pick up a reusable, foldable bag for your grocery trips to help stay eco friendly! Photo: Scott Kouchi

These bags can hold a surprising amount! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#4 Leisure sheet

I’m not quite sure where the name “leisure sheet” came from, but I think at least in American English this would be referred to as a tarp. You’ll see these when people are out and about on picnics as a buffer for sitting on the ground.

Perfect for picnics, something like this leisure sheet is definitely nice to have on hand for when the weather gets warmer! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#5 Pasta maker

We can all use a little help with meal prep and cooking from time to time, and this interesting item might prove to be worth its weight. This microwaveable container can get the pasta done while you focus on other tasks!

I don’t personally have experience with this product, but I can see how this can make preparing meals much easier! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#6 Drying blocks

These little guys are exactly what you want to pick up if you are looking to keep your dry ingredients for as long as possible. Diatomaceous earth has moisture absorbing properties that help keep your dry foods even drier.

Perfect companion for foodstuffs that you want to keep as dry as possible! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#7 Garbage bag for sinks

As most apartment kitchen sinks don’t come equipped with garbage disposals, it can become a messy situation when dealing with peeling vegetables and other food scraps. These bags make cleaning up while cooking a breeze.

These kinds of plastic bags with holes for draining water are awesome for keeping your studio kitchen sink from getting clogged with food scraps! Photo: Scott Kouchi

#8 Mask Pouch

With mask wearing becoming a common everyday requirement, there are new products to help adjust to this new normal. At times when you need to take off your mask (restaurants, mainly), having a dedicated spot to hold your mask seems like a great way to stay hygienic.

I’ve seen some restaurants hand out small plastic sleeves for storing your mask as you eat, but a dedicated pouch like this could also be handy. Photo: Scott Kouchi

300 yen stores vs 100 yen stores: the verdict

I will admit, I am not a frequent shopper at 100 yen or 300 yen stores so the actual details of getting the most bang-for-your-yen elude me. But, the question remains: are the products at a 300 yen shop really 3 times the quality of a 100 yen shop? In my limited research, I’d say that the 300 yen shop items seem to have a little more visual appeal – the extra cost of the products most likely goes into printing the designs. If you’re looking for the most value, 100 yen shops are probably the best bet.

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