Have COVID regulations changed the requirements for bringing a dog or cat to Japan?

Answer: The steps and regulations required to import a pet dog or cat into Japan have not changed as a result of COVID quarantine regulations.

However, since people entering Japan now have to take a COVID test and go through related procedures, it will take more time before you can take your dog or cat to the Animal Quarantine Service for inspection (Step 8 below).

Who will take care of your pet during the time that you are waiting for your COVID test results, etc.? The Animal Quarantine Service recommends that you contact your airline for more information on how to plan ahead for this. Once you complete your own procedures, you can then pick up your pet and proceed to the Animal Quarantine Service for their inspection.

Depending on what country you are traveling from, you may be required to quarantine for at least three days and possibly as long as seven days. During this time, the Animal Quarantine Service will not be able to keep any animals that have passed import inspection. This means that you should make arrangements for a family member or friend to come pick up your animal once it has cleared inspection and to keep your pet until you finish your quarantine. As a rule, designated government facilities for quarantining will not allow you to bring our pet into the facility.


  1. Plan ahead at least 180 days
  2. Are you coming from a designated or non-designated region?

Steps for bringing your pet to Japan

  1. Microchip your pet
  2. Rabies vaccinations
  3. Rabies titer to confirm immunity
  4. Waiting period
  5. Submit advanced notification
  6. Inspection before departure to Japan
  7. Get endorsement of health certificate
  8. Import inspection

This answer is part of our in-depth Guide to bringing a dog or cat to Japan.

Japan Animal Quarantine Service FAQs on bringing a dog or cat to Japan (in Japanese)

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