Heavy Snow Forecast for Some Areas of Kanto and Koshin this Weekend

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is forecasting heavy snow for the Kanto and Koshin regions of Japan starting from around the evening of January 23rd to the evening of the 24th.

The JMA is cautioning people to be aware of the danger of traffic obstacles, frozen roads, and avalanches due to snow accumulation on electrical wires and trees. The forecast calls for snow in the plains of southern Kanto, which includes Tokyo. In the 23 Wards there is a chance there will be snow accumulation.

The JMA is forecasting a stagnating weather front in southern Japan on January 23rd and a low pressure system building eastward while developing over the southern seas of the Kanto region on the 24th. In the Kanto and Koshin regions, this weather pattern will result in rain in some areas starting the afternoon of the 23rd. If temperatures drop lower than expected, there will be a chance of heavy snow in the southern plains of Kanto.

The forecast peak period of snow is from dawn to the morning of January 24th.

The JMA expects that the following approximate amounts of snowfall for the 24 hours until about 6PM on Sunday, January 24th:

  • From Koshin to along the mountains in northeastern Kanto: 20 cm
  • From Hakone to Okutama and Chichibu: 20 cm
  • Plains of northeastern Kanto: 10 cm
  • Plans of southern Kanto: 5 cm
  • Tokyo 23 Wards: up to 5 cm

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency via tenki.jp, January 23, 2021 (in Japanese)

Lead photo: Tokyo Station, January 2018 via iStock

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