Japan to consider allowing entry of foreign tourists as early as June: Nikkei

The Japanese government is considering allowing foreign tourists to enter the country starting as early as June. This is as reported by the Nikkei newspaper.

The government plans to assess the infection status of the coronavirus for a two week period following the Golden Week holidays. As a first step, there is a plan to allow tour groups to enter the country because they would be easier for travel agencies to manage. A fuller policy is expected to be decided within the month. Tourists from the United States, Europe, and Asia would be allowed to enter Japan, at first in limited numbers, in order to balance infection numbers and economic revitalization.

The government also plans to increase the daily maximum number of immigrants allowed into Japan, from the current 10,000 per day to 20,000 per day.

Source: Nikkei newspaper, May 6, 2022 (in Japanese)

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