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JR East Invites Public to Submit Names for New Yamanote Line Station

JR East announced June 5th that it will be taking public submissions to name the new Yamanote line station that has been provisionally named “Shinagawa New Station” “Shinagawa Shin-Eki” (品川新駅). This is the first time ever that JR East has opened up the naming of a station to the public.

The new station, slated for completion in spring 2020, will serve both the Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku Lines and will be the first new station on the Yamanote line since Nish-Nippori was built in 1971. “Shinagawa New Station” will be built between the current Shinagawa and Tamachi Stations on the JR Yamanote line in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The new station is being designed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s leading architects and also the designer of the new Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The design for the 30-m (98-feet) high glass and steel station roof is inspired by origami, Japanese traditional folding paper. The multi-faceted folds are meant to create a harmonious atmosphere but also to represent the station’s various faces and uses. The left side of the photo is oriented to Tokyo Station and the right side to Shibuya and Yokohama. Photo: JR East

Shinagawa as Japan’s New Gateway to the World

The new station project, which was announced in June 2014, is part of a urban revitalization plan for the Shinagawa area that is meant to transfrom it into Tokyo’s genkan (reception area) to the world.

The company is planning to develop a large plot of land (approximately 130,000 square meters) west of the station into a hub for the “interaction of companies and people from around the world,” with high-rise office buildings that will create an international business center with easy access to the shinkansen (bullet train) and Haneda Airport. The Sengakuji subway stop, which provides direct transit to Haneda Airport in about twenty minutes, is also only 300 meters from Shinagawa station.

In terms of size, the project site is bigger than the project sites for Tokyo Midtown (about 78,000sqm) and Roppongi Hills (about 109,000sqm).

For more architectural images of the new station, please see: Images of Shinagawa New Station on the Yamanote Line

How to submit a suggestion for the new station name

JR East will be accepting public suggestions for the name of the new station from June 5th to 30th, 2018. The result will be announced at the end of 2018.

The submission page is only available in Japanese, but if you are a resident of Japan and can handle Japanese, here’s your chance to submit an idea!

Submit a name for the new station on the Yamanote Line here!

Submission form to name the new station on the Yamanote Line

You will be asked for your station name suggestion, name, age, gender, address in Japan, telephone number, and e-mail address. You can also submit an entry by postcard (the details can be found here). One hundred people, among all entrants, will randomly be chosen to receive an original present.

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