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KANRIHI – 管理費 – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

KANRI-HI: Building Maintenance Fee

管理費, かんりひ

  • English definition: (Building) maintenance fee, common area maintenance fee

Real Estate Japan‘s word-of-the-day for January 7, 2019

Good to know

  • Kanri-hi is a fee you pay, on top of your monthly rent, to pay for the maintenance of common areas in your building, such as hallways, the trash room, bicycle parking area, and so on.
  • This fee is sometimes called 共益費, kyoueki-hi
  • The kanji 費 is read hi, and means “fee” or “expense”
  • This fee can vary from a few thousand JPY a month for smaller, older budget apartments to tens of thousands of JPY for high-end properties.
  • Not all buildings require you to pay a building maintenance fee.

Yesterday’s word of the day: Shikikin – 敷金 – Security Deposit

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