Word of the day - January 8, 2019

Kasai Hoken – 火災保険 – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day


火災保険, かさいほけん

  • English definition: Fire insurance

Real Estate Japan‘s word of the day for January 8, 2019

Good to know

  • The kanji 火災 is read kasai and means “fire”.
  • The kanji 保険 is read hoken and means “insurance”.
  • When you rent an apartment in Japan, you will be required to take out fire insurance (renters insurance). The average cost of a two-year policy is ¥20,000 (184 USD).
  • Fire insurance is not something you can opt out of, so remember to budget for it when you are calculating your move-in costs.

Yesterday’s word-of-the-day: KANRI-HI — 管理費 – Building Maintenance Fee

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