Level 5 Heavy Rain Warning Issued for Kagoshima and Kumamoto Prefectures

At 4:50AM on July 4th, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a heavy special rain warning in Kagoshima and Kumamoto prefectures, on the southern tip of Kyushu. The JMA warned that there is a strong possibility of record-breaking torrential rains, flooding, and landslides.

The warning applies to a total of nine municipalities in the two prefectures and covers about 35,000 households and 75,000 people.a total of nine municipalities issued evacuation orders. The target is about 35,000 households and about 75,000 people.

The issued warning level is a Level 5 (the highest level), meaning that people must take immediate measures to protect lives. People who are not able to evacuate to the outdoors, due to heavy rain or flooding, are advised to move to the second-floor.

Sources: Tenki.jp and Yahoo Japan News (in Japanese)