Have COVID regulations changed the requirements for bringing a dog or cat to Japan?

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Bringing Your Pet Dog or Cat to Japan: Steps and Requirements

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Earthquakes in Japan — Resources for before, during and after an earthquake in Japan

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How long do you have to quarantine when you enter Japan?

As of March 6th, Japan still requires some returnees and foreigners to quarantine when they enter the country. On March 1st, Japan started easing strict entry controls, with students and business people being allowed in from some countries. However, tourists... More

Which cities in Japan had the biggest declines and gains in foreigner population in 2021?

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Business Travelers and Students to be Allowed to Enter Japan by End of Feb: Nikkei

The Nikkei newspaper reports that the Japanese government will gradually relax COVID-related border controls by the end of February, starting with the resumption of entry for business travelers and international students. As a first step, 1,000 business travelers and students... More

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