5G in Japan: Gov’t to Allow 5G Base Stations to be Installed on 200,000 Traffic Lights Nationwide

The Japanese government will allow Japan’s major carriers to install 5G base stations on 200,000 traffic lights nationwide by the end of March 2024, in order to reduce the time and cost needed to fully implement the next generation of... More

GaijinPot Housing Service

How to Rent an Apartment in Japan from Overseas

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to rent an apartment in Japan from overseas, before you even land here. First, let’s deal with the question of why many agents in Japan do not answer emails or inquiries from outside the... More

Getting connected

Real Estate Japan Home Internet Service

Real Estate Japan Home Internet is a home fiber-optic internet service designed for foreign residents of Japan. Our service is powered by two of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies: NTT East and NTT West. Fiber-optic (Fiber-to-the-home, FTTH) or “Hikari Faiba” (as... More

Renting an Apartment as a Foreigner

How the Japanese Government is Trying to Convince More Landlords to Rent to Foreigners

If you have ever tried to rent an apartment in Japan as a foreigner and have been rejected because of your nationality, you may be surprised to learn that Japanese landlords face serious, long-term headwinds with respect to renting out... More

List of Free and Affordable Japanese Classes Near You in Japan — By Prefecture

In almost every prefecture in Japan, free or very affordable Japanese classes are offered to foreign residents by local non-profit international exchange associations. The classes are taught by volunteers and usually held at a community center or other public facility.... More

Living in Japan

Japanese Government Wants to Make it Easier for Foreigners to Learn Japanese: Here’s Why and How

Japan’s House of Representatives recently passed a bill designed to promote Japanese language learning by resident foreigners. The Bill to Promote Japanese Language Education states that the national government and local municipalities have a responsibility to implement measures to promote... More

How to Buy Tokyo 2020 Olympic Tickets: Ticket Lottery Starts on May 9th

Residents of Japan will be able to enter the lottery application process for buying Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets on the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket website at 10AM on May 9th. Overseas residents aren’t eligible to buy tickets from the official... More