Real Estate Japan Area Guide Scavenger Hunt Answers

Our online scavenger hunt has ended! We’d like to thank everybody who participated! We hope you enjoyed the fun virtual hunt through Tokyo’s neighborhoods. Also, thanks to many of the participants who gave us their feedback on the Area Guides section and the scavenger hunt. We’re always looking for ways to make our site easier for you to use!

After tallying the results, we ran a random number generator to select 5 submissions with correct answers as our winners! They will be notified via email later this week.

On to the highly anticipated answers to the scavenger hunt!

Q: Which Tokyo station is the second busiest in terms of daily passengers?

A: Ikebukuro Station

According to statistics from Japan Rail, Shinjuku Station is Tokyo’s busiest station with Ikebukuro Station taking second place!

Q: How many special wards are there in Tokyo?

A: 23

Q: In which Tokyo neighborhood can you find Ramen Square, an indoor collection of various ramen restaurants?

A: Tachikawa

Q: In what year was the Takashimaya department store completed in Futako-Tamagawa (which was the first department store in a Tokyo suburb)?

A: 1969

It was the first upscale department store in a residential neighborhood, and this blend of stylish shopping meets calm neighborhood has made Futako-Tamagawa a very appealing and livable area in Tokyo!

Q: Which ward is the hometown to the main character Tora-san of the long running Japanese TV show Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo (It’s Tough Being a Man)?

A: Katsushika Ward

Q: Which neighborhood is home to a bookstore/cafe built on the concept of being a “library in the woods”?

A: Daikanyama

Specifically, T-Site Daikanyama was built with this concept in mind.

Q: How many train/subway lines can you access from Iidabashi Station?

A: 5

Q: Which popular neighborhood’s station finished being renovated in March 2019 (with commercial facilities opening November 2019)?

A: Shimokitazawa

While many stations in Tokyo are in what seems to be an unending series of renovations, this question was referencing Shimokitazawa Station. If you haven’t visited the station since the renovations have finished, we recommend taking an afternoon to explore this wonderfully quirky neighborhood (once it is safe to do so).

Q: In which Tokyo neighborhood can you find a Venetian-themed shopping complex?

A: Jiyugaoka

This question seemed to throw off people the most. It wasn’t intended to be a trick question, but after reviewing the answers we think we know what might have happened. At Odaiba you can find the Venus Fort shopping complex, and those filling out the scavenger hunt might have thought that Kachidoki encompasses the Odaiba area. While those neighborhoods are close to each other, Kachidoki and Odaiba are separate neighborhoods of Tokyo. The correct answer here was Jiyugaoka, referring to the La Vita shopping area.

Q: Which stylish neighborhood is home to the so-called “Killer Street”?

A: Aoyama

Our goal is to continue to write detailed articles about all of Japan’s neighborhoods so that you can be informed when it comes time for you to find an apartment or house in Japan! Please look forward to continued updates on our Area Guides!