Real Estate Japan Picture of the Day – Giraffe Construction Crane

Construction crane painted to look like a giraffe, Sumida River, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. Photo by Scott Kouchi for Real Estate Japan. Taken August 2, 2020.

Arakawa Ward

Arakawa Ward is one of Tokyo’s northernmost districts, bordered by the cities of Kawaguchi and Toda (in Saitama prefecture) to the north and the wards of Adachi, Taito to the north and south; with small sections of the ward bordering Kita and Katsushika to the west and east.

Like much of northern Tokyo, Arakawa Ward is largely populated by working-class families, single working people, and increasingly by foreign residents, mainly from Asian countries. The Sumida River forms a natural border along most of the northern edge of this ward.

Major residential neighborhoods in Arakawa are extremely convenient for getting to Saitama, central Tokyo, and even Kanagawa prefecture. These include: NipporiNishi-nippori, and Machiya. Arakawa Ward is home to one of the oldest Koreatowns in Tokyo, near Mikawashima Station. Unlike the pop-culture packed streets of Shinokubo, the Arakawa Koreatown is much more reserved and tame. You’ll be able to find Korean markets and restaurants lining the streets of the Koreatown in Arakawa. Overall, Arakawa Ward is known for being blue-collar and shitamachi (“low town,” in contrast to the poshness of central Tokyo areas inside the Yamanote line).

Yanaka Ginza shopping street can be found near Nippori in Arakawa Ward. A lot of traditional Tokyo is packed in these streets, making for a great destination on a weekend afternoon. Photo: Stephen Kelly via Flickr