Real Estate Japan Picture of the Day – Hachiko Grave at Aoyama Cemetery

Hachiko is famous for his loyalty to his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, whom he meet every day at Shibuya station after Prof. Ueno returned home from work (as an agricultural scientist). Prof. Ueno passed away one day from a cerebral hemorrhage but Hachiko continued to show up at Shibuya station every evening for the next 9 years. In 1934, a bronze statue commemorating the dog was set up in front of Shibuya Station a year before his death. Aoyama Cemetery is a cemetery in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo. It is known for its cherry blossoms and as the final resting place for many foreigners who came to Japan in the Meiji era to help advise the government in its drive to modernize Japan. Photo by Scott Kouchi for Real Estate Japan.