Real Estate Japan Picture of the Day – Tachikawa Ramen Square NY

Tachikawa Ramen Square NY in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Tachikawa Ramen Square is a New York Times Square-themed food court where seven famous ramen shops are brought together in one ramenlicious place! Photo by Scott Kouchi for Real Estate Japan. Taken September 1, 2019.


Tachikawa Station is located on the JR Chuo Line (Rapid), JR Nambu Line, JR Ome Line, and Narita Express. Tachikawa Station is also a stop for Limited Express trains on the JR Chuo Line.

If you look at a picture of Tachikawa Station, you might mistake it for being a station within downtown Tokyo because of the towering department stores and shopping malls.

And despite being located almost 45 minutes away from Tokyo Station (only 27 using a rapid train), you’ll find that there are plenty of city life comforts available in Tachikawa. As such, it should be relatively easy to find household necessities or products without having to venture too far out. There can be a buzz of activity around the station (also when events are held at the Showa Kinen Park), but a quick walk away from the station and it’s much calmer.

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