Tiny House Festival 2019 to be Held at Minami Ikebukuro Park

An exhibition and talk on tiny houses will be held at Minami Ikebukuro Park in Toshima Ward, Tokyo from Saturday, November 2nd to Monday, November 4th as one of the pre-events for the Tokyo Biennial 2020. Tiny houses, sometimes built to be easily transportable on trailers, are dwellings that have a square footage of 400-sqft (37.2-sqm) or less.

The tiny-house movement hit Japan in the last few years as part of an international “smaller is more sustainable” living movement in industrialized countries. Advocates of tiny-house living say that it makes more sense environmentally, financially, and socially.

Even in a country where many single urban dwellers make do with 20-sqm (215-sqft) of living space or less because they have to, there are others who purposely choose a down-sized lifestyle in a tiny home.

One of the tiny houses that will be exhibited at the Tiny House Festival this weekend. Image: Keiko Ito

Organizers of this weekend’s event are inviting the public to come see a gathering of 15 tiny houses from around Japan and to learn more about the tiny house movement.

Tiny House Exhibition

One of the tiny houses that will be exhibited at the Tiny House Festival this weekend. Image: SANPO Inc.

Where: Minami Ikebukuro Park, Toshima Ward, Tokyo

Nearest Station: Ikebukuro Station, 4-min walk from East Exit


  • Nov 2nd (Sat) — 11AM to 8PM
  • Nov 3rd (Sun) — 10AM to 8PM
  • Nov 4th (Mon) — 10AM to 5PM


  • 3-Day Pass: ¥1,000
  • 1-Day Experience Ticket: ¥1,500 (one drink included)
  • Nov 2nd entry + admission to talks is sold out
  • Nov 3rd entry + admission to talks: ¥2,000

High-school students and younger: Free admission

Buy your tickets online here: Tiny House Exhibition 2019 Official Ticket Page

Please note that the ticket page is only available in Japanese, but you may be able to buy tickets on-site.


With the 3-Day pass or 1-Day Experience ticket you’ll be able to go inside all 15 tiny houses being exhibited, including a trailer house that is in the midst of being built.

There will also be workshops where you’ll learn how to build and paint a small hut, and talks throughout the weekend on such topics as “energy and tiny houses,” “a new way of living and tiny houses,” and “a new way of building and tiny houses,” and so on. All events and talks will be in Japanese, but it might still be fun and educational to check out!

How much does it cost to build a tiny house?

One of the tiny houses that will be exhibited this weekend. Image: Van a Table

According to Hokuou Life, a Japanese blog about houses and interior design, the cost of building a tiny house, of course, varies by the type, construction materials, and size.

A house built from a shipping container outfitted with plumbing will cost between ¥3 million and ¥4 million (between $27,500 and $36,700).

A truly tiny 4.5-jyou (a jyou is a Japanese unit of measurement equal to the size of tatami mat) house, which is about 6.9-sqm, will cost about ¥1 million.

A 6-jyou house, which is about 9.2-sqm will cost about ¥1.5 million.

There are also DIY kits available in Japan to build your own tiny house. These cost between ¥700,000 and ¥900,000 for a house that is between 7 and 9-sqm.

For comparison, the average listing price of a pre-owned apartment in Tokyo hit an all-time high of ¥50,270,000 ($465,600) in the first half of 2019.

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Lead photo: Dannetsu (断熱) Tiny House

Source: Tiny House Exhibition 2019 press release (in Japanese)