Word of the Day - January 27, 2019

What is a Service Room in a Japanese Apartment? – Real Estate Japan’s Word of the Day

Today’s word-of-the-day is:


納戸, なんど

  • English definition: Closet
  • The literal meaning of this word is “closet” – a room for storing clothes or other items.
  • However, in many real estate listings and advertisements, this label actually refers to a “service room” which is a room that does not have a window or in which the window is too small for the room to qualify as a bedroom.
  • The Building Standards Law requires that windows installed in any room that is meant to be “lived in” must be equal to or larger than one-seventh the floor space of the room. When the window in a room does not meet this standard, real estate listings sometimes label the room as a “Service Room”, “Storage Room” or “Closet” (nandoinstead.
  • This is an example of an apartment floor plan with a “Service Room” or “Storage Room”. The listing for this property describes it as a 2SLDK, where the “S” stands for “Service Room”. So this is an apartment with a living/dining/kitchen area plus two bedrooms plus a service/storage room.

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