Where to Download Paper Application to Receive ¥100,000 from Japanese Gov’t: COVID-19

May 28th Update: Tokyo 23 Ward Application and Payment Schedule – This post summarizes the approximate date when applications were (or will be mailed out) and when to expect payment.


The city of Ichikawa, Chiba has made the official application form available for download to receive the special ¥100,000 payment from the government of Japan. Every resident of Japan who has a Residence Card is eligible to receive the one-time fixed-amount payment of ¥100,000 to help support people, as the country deals with the economic and financial effects from the coronavirus.

Ichikawa is making the form available for download for people who do not want to wait to receive the form in the mail.

Japanese media reports that municipal governments are in the process of preparing paper applications for mailing out to residents, and that some people may receive applications as early as the end of this week in the mail.

Real Estate Japan is providing this information so that our readers can get a sneak peek at the official application form.

Official Application Form (PDF Version)

Screenshot of download version of application form (Page 1 to 2). Source: City of Ichikawa
Screenshot of download version of application form (Page 2 of 2). Source: City of Ichikawa

If you live in Ichikawa and want to apply using the download version of the form…

This is the procedure to apply using the downloaded application.

  1. Download the application here (in Japanese, via the Ichikawa City government site) and print it out.
  2. Fill out the form completely and accurately.
    1. Use the unofficial English translation of the ¥100,000 application form here, if you need help filling in the form.
  3. Attach proof of ID and bank account info.
    1. There are two pages to the application. On the second page, attach a copy of your proof of ID (such as your My Number card or driver’s license) and a copy of your bank card (ATM card) so that the city can verify your identity and the financial institution and account where you want payment to be transferred.
  4. Download the Agreement Form (in Japanese, via the the Ichikawa City government site)
    1. This is an addendum document stating that you agree to receive any subsequent payments from the Ichikawa City government at the bank account specified in your application. Remember to sign the form over the 印 mark.
  5. Attach postage and mail to the Ichikawa City office at this address:
    1. English: Special Fixed Benefit Section, Planning Department, Ichikawa City Office 2-20-2 Minami Yawata, Ichikawa 272-8501
    2. Japanese: 〒272-8501 市川市南八幡2-20-2 市川市役所 企画部 特別定額給付金課
    3. If you wait for the official application to be mailed to you, return postage will be pre-printed on the application form. You will not have to pay postage to apply in this case.
    4. The download application cannot be submitted at the counter at the City office and cannot be FAXed.
  6. This is an example (in Japanese) of how to fill in the form.
  7. You can only receive the ¥100,000 payment one time. You cannot apply twice using the downloaded application and the one that you will receive in the mail.

I don’t live in Ichikawa. Can I use the downloaded application form to send to my own municipal government?

Real Estate Japan is providing the link to the application form only for informational purposes for our readers.

Please contact your municipal government to confirm whether you can use the download version (from Ichikawa), if you don’t want to wait for the form to be sent to you by your own municipal government.

You cannot apply for the ¥100,000 payment by mailing the application to Ichikawa if the address on your Residence Card is not in Ichikawa.

Considering that the city of Ichikawa requires a separate Agreement Form to apply using the download version, it is not a given that other municipalities would accept the download version from Ichikawa.

When can I apply via the My Number portal?

There are two ways to apply for the special payment. By postal mail and via the My Number portal (if you have a My Number Card).

The Ichikawa City government says on its site that the link for applying online (as a resident of Ichikawa) will be available at the beginning of June.

Source: Ichikawa City government site (in Japanese)

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